(Clearwisdom.net) While I was studying Teacher's poem "Tathagata" (from Hong Yin II), I gained a new understanding of the poem and on how to use properly and freely the wisdom given to us by Dafa to save sentient beings and help former practitioners that left Dafa.

I obtained the Fa in 1998 and have benefited from it physically and mentally. I went to Beijing twice to appeal after the persecution began in July 20, 1999. The cruel persecution so frightened my wife that she strongly opposed my practicing Dafa. She feared it might bring harm to the family and herself. The atmosphere at home was tense at that time. However, I was steadfast in believing in the Teacher and the Fa and did not change my mind regarding cultivation.

In the process of the Fa rectification, a great deal of evil has been cleaned out from other dimensions and the general environment related to Dafa is becoming more positive. My family, including my wife, have seen the beauty of Dafa. I often want to ask my wife to join me in studying the Fa, but she always says that she has no time. One evening after supper I was reciting Hong Yin II while sitting on the bed. My wife lay down beside me, intending to take a nap. I suddenly had an idea. So I asked her: "I am trying to memorize Teacher's poems in Hong Yin II, but I'm not doing it very well yet. Would you like to check my reciting with the book, and tell me what I remember wrong?" My wife agreed to do so without hesitation. While I recited, she checked the book very carefully and told me about my mistakes. Actually, she was already remembering the Fa herself. Afterwards, she said she wanted to help me recite the Fa more often. I was very pleased and thankful to Teacher for His poem, "Tathagata," which enlightened me on how to direct people with predestined relationships to know about the Fa in a free and easy way. I am thinking of inviting my wife and child to study Zhuan Falun with me. We could take turns reading the book aloud.

I have a colleague who was a practitioner before the persecution. I have tried many times to help him to return to cultivation, but failed. Sometimes our relationship became strained due to this issue. Lately, I asked him to check my recitation of the Fa with the book, and he agreed. After I finished reciting, he said: "You are amazing." I asked why, he said: "You have recited the whole book of Hong Yin II." I considered this a good opportunity so I recited, "What's to Fear?" "The Turning Wheel," "Gods, Awaken" and other poems, in order to let him further understand Dafa and return to cultivation. When a person has frequent contact with Dafa writings, his mind will be filled with the words of Dafa, which can help eliminate a person's thought karma. Once the opportunity arrives, he will be saved.

From these two incidents, I gained a deeper understanding of Teacher's poem "Tathagata." Our hopes and wishes for sentient beings to be saved and former practitioners to return to cultivation, cannot be represented in a hasty or impatient manner. Rather, we should follow Teacher's teachings and try to save sentient beings and help former practitioners with a rational, free, and easy attitude. I hope those fellow practitioners who have been impatient or indifferent when saving people will take action. We can start doing this with our family members, friends, and/or colleagues (regard them not as people that you are close to, but one the sentient beings to be saved). Use the wisdom awakened by Dafa to save people and direct those with predestined relationships to come to Dafa. One more good person in the world means one less bad person in the world. We should not overlook even one person. We all know that the enormous universe is composed of numerous celestial bodies, smaller universes, planets and particles. One by one, the good beings will grow. This is one of the ways of saving sentient beings with predestined relationships I think Teacher would like to see.

August 25, 2006