(Clearwisdom.net) I read the Minghui/Clearwisdom website everyday. There are always articles about Falun Gong practitioners being arrested or persecuted. After reading them, I am very upset. Fa-rectification is nearing the end. Why are so many practitioners still being arrested? Why is the evil still rampant in those areas? Is it because of the mindset of our practitioners?

I admit that I have an attachment to time and wish that the Fa-rectification of the human realm would come soon, so that the evil would be completely eliminated and the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners would end. Of course, we do not acknowledge the existence of the old forces. Master taught us not to be attached to time. Have we really let the attachment go? If Fa-rectification of the human realm came tomorrow, would we reach consummation?

I see that my selfishness has not been completely eliminated. I have never paid enough attention to the problem of selfishness. Since I obtained the Fa, my selfishness has always accompanied my thoughts. For example, I thought that by obtaining the Fa I would avoid suffering in the human realm. I thought that through Dafa, endless fortune could be obtained in the future. I thought I could wait for consummation in the human world without any hardships or illness. Isn't this the mindset of using Dafa to obtain personal benefits? Through Master's teaching, we know that we have a greater responsibility: we came here to save sentient beings. We have to do well with the three things that Master has asked us to do. In doing the three things, are we still attached to our selfish thoughts?

Then, how do we validate Dafa? For example, when sending forth righteous thoughts, sometimes we miss the time because we want to sleep more, so we tell ourselves we must do it well tomorrow. Then, because of our laziness, the evil is not eliminated on time and has the chance to persecute other practitioners, and more sentient beings won't be saved. Won't you regret this when the day of consummation comes? Doing the sitting exercise is to enhance divine power in order to effectively eliminate the evil and save sentient beings. Because of our laziness, we look for any excuse not to practice the exercises and wait for the Fa-rectification of the human realm. Isn't this using Dafa to benefit ourselves? Won't it cause problems? How will we attain selflessness and altruism to save sentient beings?

Also, when we spread the Nine Commentaries and help people resign from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), we act as if we're doing some ordinary work and do it out of obligation, instead of truly saving the sentient beings with compassion. We often think, "I have already told them to resign from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. If he (or she) does resign, that's the best. If not, I have done my part." It appears that we do not have enough righteous thoughts. If we don't do it at all, aren't we totally going against Master's words? In the future, there could be just a few sentient beings in our world. Therefore, we should want to complete the task. The basic problem is selfishness. We did not really think of the sentient beings, but feared that we might not reach consummation.

Let's me use spreading truth-clarification material as another example. I deliver 60 truth-clarification flyers every day to three buildings. I have been treating this like homework, instead of remembering that all sentient beings came for Dafa. Because every copy possesses the power of Dafa, the clearheaded side of the people with a predestined relationship will be saved by reading it. Thus, our purpose is completed.

Every day, all practitioners around the world are working on the mission of saving sentient beings. If every Falun Gong practitioner could let go of ordinary people's attachments, let go the attachment to life and death, let go of selfishness, put their whole heart into saving sentient beings, look inward when conflicts occur, and attain selflessness and altruism, we will not have any regrets if Fa-rectification of the human realm comes tomorrow.

September 19, 2006