(Clearwisdom.net) At 6:00 a.m. on August 12, 2006, while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I suddenly saw some evil and undermined lives. I put them in a circle and killed them with fire. During this process, some evil lives even wanted to become smoke to escape, so I added a shell on the top of the circle. I kept on watching them until I saw that they were killed. Later I saw other evils, and they became the appearances of my wife and my other relatives. They were trying to deceive me and they wanted to escape. I killed all of them without hesitation.

This made me remember a scene when I was sending forth righteous thoughts in 2001. At that time I was searching for evil in a very large dimension. At one place I saw a house. I felt that the house was somehow strange, and thought I would like to see what on earth it really was. When I sent forth my "gong", the house immediately turned back into its original appearance. It was the evil who had changed its appearance to become the house in order to escape the Fa rectification.

With the progress of the Fa rectification, we obviously feel now that the evil lives are too weak to withstand Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts. It is true that the evil is completely powerless. I remember that in 2001, when I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil in other dimensions, I had to turn the Falun 49 times before the evil was eliminated. From this we can understand that the evil life was very strong. Now, although the evil is weak, it is very tricky. It will change its appearance to this or that in order to confound us. It wants to escape our line of sight to avoid being weeded out. We should not only send forth righteous thoughts with very pure minds, but we should also have good perception as well. We should discern what is good and what is evil, discern what represents truth and what is false. No matter how sly the evil is, we should not let it escape from the center of our palms.

In addition, if some bad thoughts occur to us, actually, they are not ours. It is the dark minions and rotten demons that bring those thoughts to us. It is they who play a role directly. As Master said on the issue of "healing,"

"...black qi is not the root cause of the problem. Instead, it's a being in a deeper dimension, and it's that being that produces the field."

"After you remove that thing you'll find that there's nothing in the body over here."

"The root cause was that thing which was at work." ("The Seventh Talk" from Zhuan Falun)

So when we are eliminating bad thoughts and bad notions (black qi), at the same time, we should also eliminate the dark minions and rotten demons (the beings) who did the bad deed secretly on the other side. Only when we do so, can we fundamentally eliminate evils.