(Clearwisdom.net) I always thought I had no attachment to money, but I took charge of the family's finances and assumed all the debt when I got married. Although our new house was not yet finished, our furniture was simple, and I didn't have any jewelry, I felt unperturbed. After the Chinese New Year's holiday this year, my child and I moved from my mother in-law's home into our new house. My husband gave me 700 yuan and then left town to work. I had to be very thrifty. I didn't use the fan while cooking in order to save electricity. I was reluctant to buy vegetables or meat. I decided to eat two meals a day instead of three during the summertime and I stopped feeding my child snacks. I avoided using the stove because it used too much electricity. I thought I was doing very well with my strict budget but it took a lot of effort to economize, and the money was still not enough.

A few days ago, when I calmed down to study the Fa, I discovered my attachment to money and shared my thoughts with other practitioners. Fundamentally, it is the attachment to sentimentality (qing). The evil was taking advantage of my loophole. The more money I wanted to save, the more places I needed to spend it. After I enlightened to the Fa and found my attachment, everything was rectified.