(Clearwisdom.net) Beijing Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Yongwang was illegally sentenced in May 2006 by the Xinshi District Court in Baoding City, Hebei Province. He is detained in the First Team of Jidong Prison, Tangshan City where he is suffering torture. Liu Yongwang started a hunger strike which went on for 103 days. Every day he was force-fed twice. His weight is less than 50 kg. (110 lb.) The prison refuses to let his family members visit him. Every day they force him to "sit on a board" (1) from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Six people monitor him around the clock.

Mr. Liu Yongwang, 34, graduated from Tianjing University. He is originally from Quyang, Hebei Province. He was illegally arrested on September 13, 2001 in Shanghai for practicing Falun Dafa. He had been illegally detained at a detention center in Shanghai and at Baoding City Detention Center in Hebei Province for over eighty days. On December 10, 2001 he was sent to the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp to be persecuted. On October 13, 2002 the police dragged him into a room that was often used to torture and punish determined Dafa practitioners. The police used all kinds of brutal punishments to try to force him to give up Falun Dafa practice. They used electric batons and rubber clubs to beat him. They put the "tightening rope" on him and tightly wrapped his arms. Then they used rubber clubs and leather belts to beat his face. His front tooth was knocked out. They used an electric baton to beat his sensitive spots, such as the top of his head and the inside of his thigh, for a very long time, until the smell of charred flesh permeated the room. The brutal beating lasted for three days. After that, they left him tied spread-eagle on to a metal bed 24 hours-a-day for 21 days. His back was wounded from the prickly metal grids on the bed and started to bleed. Finally Liu Yongwang's left leg crippled. Then he was transferred to the Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp for further persecution. In early May 2004, he was diagnosed with "neurological damage in both lower limbs," which would progress to paralysis. He was released on medical parole in mid-June, 2004.

On August 24, 2005, Liu Yongwang was arrested again by the Beijing National Security Bureau. He was first detained at the Beijing National Security Bureau Detention Center, and then transferred to the Hebei Province Security Department Detention Center and Baoding City Detention Center. In September, his feet began hurting. He was sent to the No. 252 Army Hospital for a nuclear magnetism test on October 25, 2005 and was found to have a dislocated vertebra. Despite his condition, the Special Case Group openly tortured him on seat No. 9, Row 1 inside the Baoding City Detention Center Library from November 7 until November 13. They immobilized him in the interrogation chair, shined high-intensity flashlights into his eyes and shocked him with electric batons for seven days, depriving him of sleep. On May 11, 2005 he was illegally sentenced with false charges. He was sent to the Jidong Prison in Tangshan City on June 16, 2006. His life is in constant danger.

Telephone numbers:

First Team of the Jidong Prison in Hebei Province:

Mailing address: First Team, PO Box 2002, Fengnan District, Tangshan City, Hebei Province 063350
Li Kaijiang, chief: 86-315-8501922 (Home), 86-315-8313027 (Office)
Gao Lijiang, chief: 86-315-8310350 (Home)
Hu Chunhua, chief: 86-315-8501100 (Home)
Chen Xijiao, chief: 0315-8320026 (Home), 86-13323250616 (Cell)

People in charge in Jidong Prison:

Song Chenliang, warden: 86-315-8327666 (Office), 86-315-8327966 (dormitory), 86-315-83807666 (Home), 86-13930530566 (Cell), 86-13832978666 (Cell)
Peng Yanjie, commissar: 86-315-8327888 (Office), 86-315-8502668 (Office), 86-13903157108 (Cell)
An Yue, Discipline Inspection Commission secretary: 86-315-8327668 (Office), 86-315-8502888 (Office), 86-13503150211 (Cell)
Sun Yuejin, deputy warden: 86-315-8327898 (Office), 86-315-8310669 (Office), 86-13653155866 (Cell)
Hou Baochen, deputy warden: 86-315-8327686 (Office), 86-315-8310686 (Office), 86-13803329986 (Cell)
Wang Xiaode, deputy warden: 86-315-8327868 (Office), 86-315-8501993 (Office), 86-13603256338 (Cell)
Li Bing, deputy warden: 86-315-8327688 (Office), 86-315-8310688 (Office), 86-13933327929 (Cell)
Xue Yanlin, deputy warden: 86-315-8327999 (Office), 86-315-8501855 (Office), 86-13803306117 (Cell)


(1) "Sitting on a board" - When "sitting on a board" the legs are crossed with hands on the knees. The neck, back and waist form a right angle with the surface of the bed board. The victim is not allowed to move.