(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Lianrong was from Canfangying Village in Beixinbao Township, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. She passed away while living in exile at 11:00 a.m. on August 4, 2006. Four out of the six members of Ms. Wang Lianrong's family including herself have died as a result of the persecution.

Mr. Chen Yunchuan, his wife Wang Lianrong, and their family

Chen Hongping

Chen Aizhong

Three of Wang Lianrong's four children died as a result of persecution. Her oldest son Chen Aizhong was tortured to death at the Hehuakeng Labor Camp in Tangshan City on September 20, 2001. Her younger daughter Chen Hongping had both legs broken from beating and was eventually tortured to death at the Gaoyang Labor Camp on March 5, 2003. Her younger son Chen Aili was tortured to the brink of death at the Jidong Prison in Fengnan County, Tangshan City and passed away on November 5, 2004. Her older daughter Chen Shulan is still held in prison.

Wang Lianrong passed away with only her husband, Dafa practitioner Chen Yunchuan, by her side.

Chen Yunchuan and Wang Lianrong had endured seven years of persecution. Communist Party officials harassed them, detained and savagely beat them and tortured them more times than they can recall. Wang Lianrong saw her husband and sons being tortured. She watched her daughter pass away after her health was destroyed through gruesome abuse. The older couple chose to live in exile and move constantly for more than 18 months. Wang Lianrong was extremely weak and bedridden prior to her death.

Below is a description of the tragic experience Chen Yunchuan, Wang Lianrong and their family were compelled to go through for their persistence in their belief in Truth, Compassion, Tolerance, the principles of Falun Dafa.

1. Severe Persecution of the Family

Chen Yunchuan started practicing Dafa in July 1997, and his chronic back and leg pains disappeared through the practice. Chen Yunchuan told his children that this is the Great Law that his father had told him of. When Chen Yunchuan was a teenager, his father said to him before he passed away, "A Buddha will spread a Great Law in the future. You'll wait for 50 years. Don't miss it for the world!"

Eventually Chen Yunchuan's two sons, Chen Aizhong and Chen Aili, his two daughters, Chen Hongping and Chen Shulan, and his granddaughter Li Yin also started practicing Dafa. His wife Wang Lianrong joined in 1999. The arthritis and asthma that tormented her for over three decades were miraculously cured, and her temperament improved greatly.

Chen Yunchuan, Wang Lianrong and their two sons went to the Bureau for Letters and Calls in Beijing on April 25, 1999 to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. The two daughters and the granddaughter from another city also went to the Bureau for Letters and Calls and demanded the release of illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners held in Tianjin City. They hoped the government would sanction a relaxed environment to practice their belief.

Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. Chen Yunchuan, Wang Lianrong, Chen Aizhong, Chen Aili and other Dafa practitioners set off again for Beijing to appeal for justice. They were intercepted halfway by Liu Yufeng, head of the Beixinbao Township Police Station in Huailai County, and other officials who savagely beat and extorted 2,000 yuan from them.

Chen Hongping was doing the Falun Dafa exercises at a park in Changping, Beijing near her sister's home in the morning of September 10, 1999. Local police arrested and held her for fifteen days. Han Jianhua, deputy head of the Beixinbao Township Police Station, Jiang Huijun from the Comprehensive Administration Office and others took her back to Beixinbao Township and extorted 2,000 yuan from her, calling it "a fine." The former township head Zhang, and the deputy township head and Party secretary Wang Shenghuai brutally beat her until her face was deformed.

Liu Yufeng, head of the Beixinbao Township Police Station and Jiang Huijun from the Comprehensive Administration Office led more than twenty roughnecks. They called Chen Yunchuan's younger son Chen Aili to the township police station on September 25, 1999. They whipped his fingers with chopsticks, kicked him with their boots, slapped his face with the bottoms of their boots, and they hit him with their fists and sticks. The beating lasted from around 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. when they released him. Chen Aili's face was covered in blood and he had injuries all over his body. He could not move, and his stomach hurt so much he could not eat. The officials extorted 3,000 yuan from Chen Aili's family.

About seven officials including Liu Weifeng from the township police station, Jiang Huijun from the Comprehensive Administration Office, Party secretary Wang, and former township head Zhang broke into Chen Yunchuan's home on October 13, 1999. They took 9,000 yuan in cash and took Chen Yunchuan, his wife Wang Lianrong and their oldest son Chen Aizhong to the police station and savagely beat them. They later arrested their daughter Chen Hongping. Party secretary Wang Shenghuai confiscated more than 3,100 yuan in cash from her. The officials demanded to know the whereabouts of the younger son Chen Aili. They were extremely cruel, beating the mother while forcing the father and the son to watch, beating the father while forcing the mother and the son to watch and beating the son while forcing the parents to watch.

Chen Yunchuan and his family went to Beijing to appeal again in late December 1999. He was arrested and sent to the Huailai County Detention Center for fifteen days of public security detention. The term was indefinitely extended. He was held for a total of ten months and was released on October 14, 2000. The older daughter Chen Shulan was held at the Changping Detention Center for one month.

2. Whole Family Appeals in Beijing and Suffers from Brutal Torture

Chen Yunchuan's entire family went to Beijing to appeal again on October 24, 2000, ten days after the first trip. They took a circuitous route and climbed mountains to avoid police blockades. Wang Lianrong, who was in her 60s, had developed swollen legs from holding a hunger strike at a prison. She required assistance from her sons in order to walk. They slept in the wilderness and walked for three days before arriving in Beijing early in the morning on October 27, 2000.

The Tiananmen police grabbed Chen Hongping's arm and asked, "Do you practice Falun Gong?" The whole family shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" The police forced them into a police vehicle and took them to Xuanwu District Detention Center where they were cruelly tortured.

Three groups of police at the Xuanwu District Detention Center interrogated Chen Aizhong, trying to get his name, but Chen Aizhong refused to cooperate with them. Each one of the police violently abused him. They repeatedly brushed his face with a dirty broom, hit his legs with a wooden stick and threw him to the ground. One officer said, "This guy is really difficult! I can't get anything from him, no matter how much I beat him." Another officer said, "I just don't believe that I can't fix him. Just leave him to me." He was even more brutal than the first officer. The daughter Chen Hongping resisted the persecution and refused to be photographed. Two inmates dragged her on the floor by her collar until her shoes fell off, her feet were subject to abrasion and bleeding, and her pant was worn. The abuse made a large hole near her pant leg. She was covered in dirt and her hair was messy.

Dafa practitioner Yang Guibao, 57, who also appealed in Beijing, could not stand the torture and revealed his name. He was sent back to the Huailai Detention Center later that night. He was savagely beaten to death on January 14, 2001.

Chen Yunchuan and his family were also sent to the Huailai Detention Center. Chen Hongping began vomiting and urinating blood thirteen days later, had shortness of breath and almost no pulse. She was sent to the hospital emergency room. Chen Aili also had a non-detectable pulse and extremely low blood pressure from torture. He was on the brink of death. Chen Yunchuan had only one breath left. The authorities feared the family would die in prison and released them.

At around 9:00 a.m. on November 28, 2000, Chen Jiang, the deputy head of the county police department led female guard named Xin Fang and intern doctor Zhao Yang from the detention center, and others surrounded Chen Yunchuan's home. Also participating in this home invasion were a female official from county Politics and Law Committee, five armed police officers, and about fifteen officials from the township government and the police station. They pounded on the door and screamed. The police climbed over the wall and jumped into Chen Yunchuan's backyard. They said they wanted to take a couple of people and send them for the forced labor.

Chen Yunchuan's family used a loudspeaker to clarify the truth to the crowd gathered at the scene. They exposed Jiang Zemin and his accomplices' crimes. They shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" Some people in the crowd cried and said, "They didn't violate any law by staying home, and yet the regime had to do this to them." Those evil party goons eventually sneaked off in panic.

3. Chen Aizhong was Crippled by the Torture and Passed Away from Barbaric Force-feeding

All six members of Chen Yunchuan's family and their nine-year-old granddaughter Li Yin went to Beijing to appeal again in January 2001.

Chen Yunchuan was detained for four days in a closed basement room less than 20 sq. ft. in size at a police station in Beijing. He almost died and was later sent to the Haidian District Detention Center in Beijing where the guards continued persecuting him. They incited several prisoners to strip the elderly man naked. In the cold winter he was forced to stand in front of a fan that blew the outside cold air on him for over two hours. He had by then been on a hunger strike for five days and had become gravely weak. He was shaking in the freezing air, and eventually lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Three inmates picked him up and beat him further for half an hour.

The second daughter Chen Hongping was taken to the Huairou Detention Center on January 2, 2001. She refused to tell her name. The male inmates stripped her and poured cold water on her. They forced her to stand barefoot in the snow. She held a hunger strike for eleven days to protest the persecution and left the detention center without compromising her belief.

Chen Aizhong, the older son, was arrested and deprived of freedom in Beijing's Dongbeiwang Detention Center for seven days. In order to force him to divulge his name and his home address, the police stripped him naked and handcuffed him to a tree in the courtyard. With both feet in the snow for over an hour, he almost froze in the icy weather. The snow under his feet melted and became two water puddles. He lost feeling in his limbs from the cold. Facing such brutal torture, Chen Aizhong still refused to tell his name and address. He suffered from tortures for seven days, including being beaten with police batons, shocked with electric batons, slapped on the face, boxed and kicked, and deprived of sleep. The wicked police used high-voltage electric batons, 300,000 volts strong, to shock his head, face, both arms and the inner thighs and genitals. They applied electric shocks back and forth on the most sensitive parts of his body for long periods of time. Chen Aizhong lost consciousness several times. Big pieces of blisters from electric shocks covered his upper-body, inner side of his legs, and his face and arms. His legs swelled and were severely bruised. He became crippled, no longer able to stand up.

Several days later, after the police failed to get any information from Chen Aizhong, they sent him to the Haidian District Detention Center in Beijing. Ignoring the fact that Chen Aizhong had countless torture scars, the evildoing detention center guards continued to inhumanly torture him to get information from him. They urged criminal prisoners to torture him. They stripped Chen Aizhong naked, dragged him to the courtyard and buried him in the snow, leaving him there for about three to four hours.

The police incited several prisoners to continue torturing him with a method called "opening the lock." One prisoner held two of his fingers together tightly, while another squeezed a squared toothbrush between the two fingers and rotated it repeatedly. The fingers immediately became lacerated and mixed with blood and flesh. Such beastly tortures completely disabled Chen Aizhong's feet and hands.

Chen Aizhong was sent back to the Huailai County Detention Center in Hebei Province on January 9, 2001. Guard Dong Yufu further tortured him with electric shocks.

Another Dafa practitioner Yang Guibao was also held at this detention center and was beaten to death on January 14.

Chen Yunchuan and his second son Chen Aili were each sentenced to two years in prison on August 27, 2001. Chen Yunchuan was sent to the No. 4 Prison in Shijiazhuang City. Chen Aili said only one thing during his final statement in court, "Good is rewarded and evil is punished. This is an absolute truth in the universe."

Chen Aizhong was sentenced to three years of forced labor on September 12, 2001, and he was secretly sent to the No. 6 Division of Hehuakeng Labor Camp. The guards at No. 6 Division continued to torture him in order to force him to give up his faith. Guard Wang Yulin, the criminal prisoner Liu Zhonghua and others took turns brutally beating him, shocking him and tying him up. Chen Aizhong started a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Guard Wang Yulin and some prisoners started force-feeding him on the seventh day of his hunger strike. Chen Aizhong had by that time become very thin and weak, only skin and bones. On the ninth day of his hunger strike, and also the third day of the force-feeding, at around 3:30 p.m. Chen Aizhong's heart stopped beating during the barbaric force-feeding. No pulse could be detected and his pupils were dilated. There was an eye-witness present who saw what happened, as were labor camp officials and guards from other divisions.

Chen Aizhong was killed at Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City at age 33 on September 20, 2001.

Chen Aizhong's mother made this statement about his son, "I saw my older son for the last time on January 1, 2001. My whole family went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, to say a just word. After all of us were arrested at Tiananmen Square I never saw my son again. Oh, he suffered so much! He had been detained in many places in Beijing and in Hebei Province and suffered from brutal tortures. They used all kinds of mean methods in order to make him give up his belief, however, my son didn't give up his belief until he passed away! He was detained for the last time in the Hehuakeng No. 1 Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City, Hebei Province. On the eighth day there he was tortured to death. My son Chen Aizhong left me forever on September 20, 2001, eight days after he was taken to the labor camp. He suffered so much torture. He was only 33 years old when he died."

4. Chen Hongping Tortured to Death by Local Police and Guards at the Gaoyang Labor Camp

Chen Hongping and her older sister Chen Shulan were arrested by officers from Donghuayuan Police Station in Huailai County on June 9, 2001, when clarifying the truth. They were handcuffed to the tiger bench. The police interrogated them in the afternoon, trying to get their names and addresses, but they refused to give them. At around 6:00 p.m., Chen Hongping pulled her hands out of the handcuffs. She threw them away and ran. Nine police officers went after her, caught her and handcuffed her behind her back. They also tied her arms with a rope and hung her from a doorframe. Some police officers constantly shook the handcuffs.

Chen Hongping shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!" Chen Shulan also shouted it. Chen Hongping later lost consciousness from hanging. Chen Shulan watched but could not help her.

The two sisters were taken to the Huailai Detention Center at 11:00 p.m. Chen Hongping's hands were swollen and her body was covered with wounds. Some of her hair was pulled out, exposing bare scalp. She vomited blood.

Chen Hongping was sent to the Gaoyang Labor Camp in Hebei Province on the morning of June 11, while Chen Shulan was on the brink of death from the persecution. The detention center authorities told the local Changping Police Station to pick her up, but the police refused because they saw that she was terribly weak. The detention center released her to avoid taking responsibility. Chen Shulan walked out from the detention center with wobbly steps.

Chen Hongping was threatened and brutally beaten at the labor camp. Dozens of people took turns trying to brainwash her. She suffered for one and a half years in the forced labor camp. She was skin and bones and on the brink of death. Her weight dropped from 55 kg (121 lbs.) to around 25 kg (55 lbs.). The Gaoyang Labor Camp had to send her to a hospital on January 29, 2003. The hospital refused to accept her because they didn't want her to die there. Fearing being held responsible for her death, the labor camp immediately sent Chen Hongping back home overnight. They didn't even take the time to clothe her before leaving the hospital.

Chen Hongping had a persistent high fever that would not go away, and she kept coughing. Her eyes were dull and her heart weak. She was unable to eat. She died in her brother's arms at the age of 33 on March 5, 2000. Even with her last breaths she kept telling her family members to persist in their faith.

Wang Lianrong said, "Someone with the last name Yang from Beixinbao Township came to our home at around 6:00 p.m. on January 31, 2003. He told us that Chen Hongping had come back... My daughter saw me, but her eyes were dull, she had no reaction to my presence, as if she didn't recognize me, and she was very emaciated. She didn't say anything after she came home. She'd become extremely timid, was frightened at the slightest sound, and sometimes she stared at my face strangely, and looked at me for a long time. Day or night she was afraid to be left alone, so somebody always had to stay with her. When she slept at night, she wanted me to hold her like a child, and she was afraid to sleep alone. When her brother saw her like that he burst into tears. We suspected that the police had drugged her, so we asked her, "Did they give you any drugs?" She replied, "Yes, they gave me big yellow pills and injections." My 32-year-old daughter, who was my most beloved, forever closed her eyes early in the morning on March 5, 2003, held in the arms of her brother. I suffered the indescribable feeling of watching my child dying in pain, without being able to do anything to help her."

5. Younger Son Chen Aili Passes Away Under Persecution

Chen Aili was detained in the No. 7 Team of the No. 5 Division at the Jidong Prison in Tangshan City after his sentencing on August 27, 2001. He suffered from inhuman tortures there. To protest the persecution he started a hunger strike. The guards tied him to a chair for more than forty days and inserted a tube into his esophagus. Upon being pulled out, the tube had already turned black. Chen Aili was held in the prison for two years. When he went home, his home was almost empty because during the police raids the property was all taken away. His brother and sister had died from persecution. He lived with his parents. While publicly clarifying the truth, local police once again took him away.

High Resolution Picture
Chen Aili

Officers from the Criminal Police Division at the Huailai Police Department and from the Beixinbao Township Police Station suddenly broke into Chen Yunchuan's home on February 28, 2004 and took Wang Lianrong and her son Chen Aili. They also arrested Chen Yunchuan on his way home. They took all three to the Beixinbao Township government compound.

Wang Lianrong said, "I saw that my son was tightly bound to a bench, and handcuffed behind his back, with a rope from his belly to his calves. His head was covered with a yellow plastic bag, which was held in place with wide adhesive tape around the back of his head and mouth. My husband was bound to another bench in the same way, his mouth gagged with a towel and head covered with a knit cap. His mouth was stuffed with a towel and tightly sealed with tape.

They didn't give me any time to react and immediately covered my head with a knit wool hat. Then they taped my mouth and nose in a way that made it very hard to breathe. I felt so uncomfortable and was unable to breath. They handcuffed me and tied me onto a bench. I was worried that Chen Aili would have died from suffocation. After four hours like that he was still alive. It was a miracle! The first words coming out of his mouth after the plastic bag was removed was, 'Falun Dafa is good!' And his voice was loud and clear."

The three of them were held at a Legal School, in fact a brainwashing class in Piandi, Shalingzi in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. They held a hunger strike at the brainwashing class to protest the persecution. Two months later Chen Aili's weight had dropped to about 25 kg [55 lbs.] and he was at death's door. He was sent home. Chen Yunchuan was also released from the brainwashing class. They were under house arrest, however, and officers from Beixinbao Township Police Station sent people to watch them day and night.

Wang Lianrong said, "When the three of us were arrested and taken to the brainwashing class we started a hunger strike, refusing to eat or drink, to protest their savagery. When my son's life was in danger on April 27, 2004, they released him and also allowed my husband to go back to take care of him. My husband told me later what happened. My son felt he couldn't stay at home to rest and be possibly abducted again. He jumped over the wall and left home on July 10, 2004. The township officials eventually arrested my husband again and sent him back to the Shalingzi Brainwashing Class. After I was detained at the brainwashing center for over six months I had symptoms of fever, cough and dizziness. I was sent to the Zhangjiakou City Infectious Diseases Hospital where I stayed for over one month. My situation deteriorated and I became comatose. They had to release me on October 19 when they thought I was going to die. My husband was released as well for purposes of taking care of me since there was no one else at home."

Although Chen Aili successfully freed himself from the constant prying eyes of the lawless officials, he had symptoms of severe illnesses that got worse over time. He passed away on November 5, 2004 after four months of living in exile. Wang Lianrong said, "Three months later, on the evening of November 5, two strangers brought back my son's body in a car. My mind went blank. I couldn't accept such a cruel reality." Chen Aili died from persecution at the age of 35.

6. Older Daughter Chen Shulan Still Detained, Young Granddaughter Li Yin Sent to Nursing Home

Chen Shulan, 40 years old, began to practice Dafa at the same time with her daughter Li Yin. The whole family went to Beijing to validate Dafa on April 25, 1999, and again on January 1, 2001. Li Yin was arrested along with her mother on September 16, 2002. Officers from the Changping District made the arrest. Chen Shulan was subsequently transferred to Division 7 of the Beijing Police Department and she was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison. She is still being held at the Tiantanghe Women's Prison in Beijing.

Chen Shulan's daughter Li Yin has gone through a lot for her young age. Her mother and both grandparents were detained, and two uncles and an aunt passed away under the persecution. Li Yin was sent to a nursing home by the Changping 610 Office in Beijing. She has lived in the nursing home for more than two years.

Ten-year-old Li Yin was attending classes at the Chengbei Central Elementary School in Changping, Beijing on the morning of September 17, 2002. A teacher called her out and took her to a resort in Changfengan in Changping that was used as a brainwashing class to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Li Yin saw her mother there and said, "They were going to take my mom away. I grabbed my mom's arm and wouldn't let go. I tried to keep anyone from getting close to my mom. I kicked and screamed, fighting with them whenever they got close. I absolutely would not let them take my mom away." They lied to her and told her that she would be allowed to see her mother once a week and forcibly took her mother away.

Li Yin said to a Minghui/Clearwisdom correspondent in 2005, "At the brainwashing class, on the same evening, they took turns trying to instill me with slanderous things towards Falun Gong and threatened that unless I "reform" I would be prevented from attending school. They were so mean! They took my mom and didn't tell me where, they wouldn't let me go to school or go home, and they forced me to watch videos that slander Falun Gong. They also forced me to stay up until 2:00 a.m. Two or three people followed me wherever I went. Eight days later I signed a paper in order to return to school. But they did not let me go back home even after I signed the paper. I was forced to live at the Chaofengan. Every day a school bus took me to school and back. I did not have any freedom.

"The 610 Office sent me to the Changping Nursing Home on the morning of January 9, 2003, without my consent. The nursing home is located in a remote area in the foothills of a mountain. It is very far from school (about 1.8 miles). I had to walk to school every day and I got really scared. (Li Ying makes two round trips daily)

"They completely lied to me. I saw mom only once in more than two years, when my uncle Chen Aili was alive. He took me to see mom. They are so crooked, they told me so many lies.

"It was on February 16, 2004 when I saw mom at the Tiantanghe Women's Prison in Beijing. Mom had been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison. She was almost unrecognizable because of the torture. Her hair was more than half white, and she looked so much older than her age. She was a mere shadow of the once young and beautiful woman. I wanted to cry but I didn't want to upset her, so I choked back my tears.

"The meeting lasted only thirty minutes. I spoke to her on a telephone through a glass partition. I could not say a lot of things I wanted to say, because a guard was hovering close by, and he was watching me. I wanted so much to hug and kiss mom, but I couldn't.

"I miss my mom and wish to end this persecution of good people. I am afraid that they will kill my mom, just like they did my aunt and two uncles."

7. Wang Lianrong Passes Away

By November 5, 2004, three of four members of Wang Lianrong's family died as a result of the persecution. Her older daughter is held in prison.

Wang Lianrong and her husband Chen Yunchuan lived in exile beginning in January 2005 to avoid further arrest. They lived in five different places and went through numerous tribulations over the past eighteen months.

After as long as seven years of evil persecution, Wang Lianrong passed away in a strange place at 11:00 a.m. on August 4, 2006, at the age of 65.

The suffering of Chen Yunchuan's family is a reflection of millions of other Falun Gong practitioners' families who have also been ruthlessly persecuted by the Communist Party. Right now, tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are still being held in prisons, labor camps, detention centers, brainwashing classes and secret concentration camps where they are cruelly mistreated.