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Mr. Zhang Yanchao, 30 years old, lived in West Huangzhen Village, Lalin Town, Wuchang City, Helongjiang Province. On April 10, 2002, Mr. Zhang was illegally arrested by policemen from the Hongqi Village Police Station on his way home from Shuangcheng. He lost contact with his family. On April 30, when his family finally got to see him again, he was already dead.

One evening in January 2002, Mr. Zhang Yanchao went out to distribute truth-clarification materials to nearby villages with another person from his village. The temperature was minus 30 degrees centigrade. When they arrived in Luojia Wobao Village, they came upon a drunken man, who called together a group of villagers and they all beat him. Someone cut Mr. Zhang's ear with a knife. He covered the bleeding wound with his hand and cried out loudly, "I am a good man!" He then brought out the truth-clarification materials to give to the villagers and told them the facts about how Falun Gong was being persecuted. The villagers all went away embarrassed and ashamed when they learned the truth. When the wounded Mr. Zhang got home, blood had already soaked his jacket. His mother-in-law advised him not to go out to distribute Dafa materials, but he said that the mission of a Dafa disciple is to validate Dafa and save people; he would not be qualified to be a Dafa disciple if he did not do so. Mr. Zhang then went to the cellar again to print truth-clarification materials despite the pain.

When Zhang Yanchao's wife, Ms. Guan Yinghua, lost contact with him after he was arrested on April 10, 2002, she asked around everywhere for him. (Ms. Guan was also illegally arrested and detained in the Second Detention Center in Wuchang City. Later she was sent to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years. She was released on January 17, 2004, and has been homeless ever since.)

Guan Yinghua said, "When I saw how my daughter missed her father, and her pain at losing her father, I was at a loss for words." She often saw her husband return to her in her dreams, standing at her bedside and watching her. Once she dreamed that Yanchao was beaten to death in prison and was very sad. She ran out once because she wanted to see him. She saw Yanchao lying on a stretcher. In her dream, she touched his hand and he suddenly sat up, taking a banner from his pocket which read, "The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos." She shed tears and tied the banner up in the pine trees. She knew that she must be strong and carry on.

Zhang Yanchao's mother still does not know that her son has been persecuted to death. Because her family members feared that she would not survive the news, they have never told her. She missed her son so much that she could not eat or sleep. She traveled a long way to try to see her son again, and if anyone who did not understand Dafa ever spoke ill of him, she stood up and said good things about him.

Mr. Zhang Yanchao was kind, diligent, and ready to help others. This is also how of all the villagers remember him.

Their daughter, Zhang Dan, was forced to discontinue her studies and had to go to work after the death of her father. Zhang Dan said she was not jealous at all of those who could go to school, and she felt that she was one of the happiest children in the world. She feels that her father never really left her, and is watching over her all the time. She knows she had a great father and a strong mother who both loved her, so she felt like one of the happiest girls in the world. She once told her mother that whatever happened, wherever they were, however bitter life was, they should do well and not be a burden to others. Dan encouraged her mother to be strong. Dafa disciples will certainly prevail over all adversity.