(Clearwisdom.net) Once I happened to be in a colleague’s place when they were making dumplings. I learned how to do it and tried to make several dumplings. However, I did not do a good job, and I did not feel confident enough to learn it well. When I really started to learn how to make dumplings, it was at my girlfriend’s place. I had to force myself to make the dumplings. Since I had already learned, and my girlfriend also taught me how to make them, very soon, I understood and made progress quickly.

Once when I was making dumplings with my family, it suddenly occurred to me that my experience in persuading people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was very similar to my experience of learning how to make dumplings: When I first heard about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I felt scared and thought: "Are we getting involved in politics?" After I studied Master’s new article "We Are Not ‘Getting Political’" and "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World", I understood that we are not involved in politics when we talk to the world’s people about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, we are advising them to separate themselves from the politics of the evil Party, and we are saving them. Since I had not understood it from a rational perspective, at first I was persuading people to quit the CCP with an attachment of fear.

At the very beginning, I did not know how to persuade people to quit the Communist Party, and when I met them, I would ask them to quit the Party immediately. If they did not quit, I would tell them: "When the disaster comes, you cannot escape it." As a result, it left them with the impression that we are involved in politics. There are still several people that I spoke with who have not quit. After I met my girlfriend, I saw that she was very rational and wise in persuading the world’s people to quit the CCP. She would always ask: "If you were given a chance to quit the Communist Party and the Youth League, would you like to quit?" Very often, many people were persuaded by her and quit.

After I applied the same method, I persuaded many people to quit. After I read from the Clearwisdom website many articles written by fellow practitioners about quitting the CCP, I gradually understood how to rationally and wisely persuade the world’s people to quit the CCP. After studying the Fa and cultivating myself continuously, I got rid of my attachment to fear and the degenerated notions of the Party culture. I genuinely understood the purpose and meaning of persuading people to quit the CCP.

After I learned how to make dumplings, looking back, I don’t think it is so difficult to make dumplings. The difficulties lie in our notions, laziness and the fact that we do not want to try. When I look back and summarize my experience in persuading people to quit the CCP, it is the same case. It is human attachments and notions that give us the difficulties. Essentially it is because we do not pay enough attention to studying the Fa, or we do not study the Fa well, or we do not cultivate well, and that is why we go a roundabout way. I did not become mature quickly in actively studying the Fa, and I did not walk my path righteously. I had my attachments of doing things and the attachment of fearing not being able to reach consummation, and I experienced all kinds of setbacks and made blunders before I was aware of my own human attachments and notions. Each time after I persuaded people to quit the CCP, I did not understand from the Fa’s perspective to look inside and summarize my good or bad experience. I indulged myself in either the happiness of successfully persuading them or complaints about others and frustrations after meeting setbacks.

My personal experience is: In order to do well the three things and to walk our path righteously, we have to study more of the Fa and study the Fa well.

"Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master." (Zhuan Falun)

If we can understand the Fa from the Fa’s perspective, when we encounter any problem, we can really look inside to reach the requirements of the Fa at that level. The wisdom and the power of the Fa will continuously be shown to us. Dafa saves sentient beings, and it can do everything and reach everywhere.