(Clearwisdom.net) I remember when a fellow practitioner whose celestial eye is open said that when Master was lecturing in higher dimensions, the enlightened beings knelt down while listening to the Fa. Since I obtained the Fa, I have managed to wash my hands before reading the Fa, not to put on or take off clothes in front of Master’s pictures, not to leave Falun Dafa literature anywhere at will, and to wear proper attire when burning incense to Master and not to use the washroom when the incense is still burning, and so on and so forth. Recently, in order to increase the time of Fa study, I started to listen to Master’s lecture while having meals. Occasionally, I would listen to the Fa when I was doing housework. I heard some fellow practitioners say that they listen to two lectures in the morning when they are preparing food or washing clothes. So I followed suit. For a long time, I did not study the Fa well due to my lack of diligence in cultivation practice. I felt sleepy when I studied the Fa. I know that strengthening the study of the Fa is the only way to solve the problem of being sleepy. Master has told us this many times.

I realize that it is not respectful to listen inattentively to Master. When I listen to the Fa very carefully, some of the principles sound new to me. A few days ago, I listened to the Fa while I was doing some sewing. An empty plastic pipe on the wall suddenly began to drip water on me. This pipe was a bit over one meter in length and had not been used for several months. In addition, the pipe was not connected to any water source. Where did the water come from? I realized immediately that I should not listen to the Fa while doing other things. Master teaches us the Fa wholeheartedly, so how could I listen to the Fa with my heart lingering on other things? How could I live up to Master’s compassionate salvation? Even everyday people talk about focusing on one thing! The effect of listening to the Fa will then be different as well.

I cannot enter the state of tranquility while learning the Fa or doing the exercises. Listening to such beautiful and pleasant music of the Fa, I cannot enter the state of cultivation practice. Instead, my mind keeps wandering about. What a poor disciple I am! Master has embedded deep meaning into the music of the exercises. If I do not listen to it with a pure mind, isn’t it disrespectful to Master and the Fa? In the past few days, I felt much better after I strengthened my learning of the Fa. Thus, I now understand deeply that the respect for Master and the Fa is not just something we talk about or we think. We should act on it through our every thought, every word, and every gesture. It manifests in every aspect.