(Clearwisdom.net) During the past few months, practitioners of Falun Gong in Slovakia approached the representatives of several cities with information about the existence of concentration camps in China. Some mayors reacted to this information with expressions of verbal protest against the persecution of Falun Gong. Some sent us letters in which they expressed their attitude to what is happening in China today.

The Mayor of Kosice (second largest Slovak city), Mr. Frantisek Knapik, wrote:

"With deep regret and understanding I read your letter, in which you call my attention to lately exposed crimes in the secret concentration camp of Sujiatun in China. It pains me that even today, in the time when the General Declaration of Human Rights adopted by General Assembly of UN in 1948, the communist regime in the People’s Republic of China is not ashamed to commit such crimes.

"The people of Slovakia, citizens of Kosice, and me personally, refuse and condemn each violent act on people, each trampling on human rights and dignity. I support the efforts of the Slovak Falun Gong Association in its struggle against these manifestations of tyranny and I believe that the world’s opinion will condemn all sorts of violence performed by totalitarian regimes in China and everywhere in the world. I join my voice to this initiative".

During meetings, a few mayors verbally expressed their support. The deputy mayor of Poprad, Mr. Gustav Dobak stated, that it is strange that the world has condemned fascism, but communism, which led to at least as many victims as fascism, hasn't been publicly condemned.

During a meeting with the Mayor of Kezmarok, a middle-sized tourist city in eastern Slovakia, Mr. Ingor Satlava, expressed his support by signing the petition. He also asked the representatives of the local media to help us by informing the public and thus supporting human rights in the world. The local media responded so many people could learn about our undertaking from local TV and newspapers.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200608/34967.html