(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Yang Zhanjiu, a Falun Dafa practitioner detained in Shilingzi Prison in Siping City, Jilin Province, is now disabled from the tortures.

On July 21, Yang Zhanjiu’s 70 year-old mother went to the prison with her teen aged grandson to see her son. After enduring carsickness due to the traveling, they arrived at the jail with great difficulty, hoping to see Mr. Yang. The prison security guard, however, rejected their request and said that they could not enter the building because the Changchun City 610 Office was conducting a "re-education" session. They were told to come again in a month's time.

Shilingzi Prison is a very evil place and the guards there have already disabled Yang Zhanjiu. His family members arrived on a Friday, which is an official visitation day, but they were turned away.

Yang Zhanjiu was abducted on a street in July 2002. He suffered various tortures while detained in a detention center in Yushu City. He was illegally sentenced to seven years imprisonment in March 2004 and was detained in Shilingzi Prison in Siping City, Jilin Province. Not long after that, the prison suddenly sent notice to his relatives saying that Yang Zhanjiu fell from a building. The bones in his heels were smashed and he was sent to a hospital in Changchun City for treatment. In order to shift the responsibility, the prison repeatedly told Mr. Yang's family members that they would release Yang Zhanjiu right after his recovery from the operation. It turned out, however, that Yang Zhanjiu did not recover from the medical treatment, and was sent back to the prison again. The prison refused to release him despite his family members' insistence. The bones in Yang Zhanjiu’s heels were removed. The nerves in his legs are dead. As a result, he can’t walk, nor can he take care of himself. His family members requested many times that he be released on bail to get medical treatment. The prison, however, refuses without reason.

Li Shuhua, Yang Zhanjiu’s wife, was beaten to death in Yushu City Detention Center in October 2003. She was only thirty-two years old.

Phone number of Section 10, Shilingzi Prison, Siping City: