(Clearwisdom.net) We had quite an interactive sharing on our team last week. This sharing let me see the compassion and tolerance among fellow practitioners. One practitioner’s idea in particular made me think. He said, "We should look at our own mind to see how we have been moved by this event and to see whether we have any human notions that need to be abandoned."

Recalling my response to the event, I can tell that my first reaction to it was truly a human thought. Previously, whenever I read the Fa in which Master asks us "to look more at others’ strong points," I thought we should just use this Fa to "increase our tolerance" when we had conflicts with other people. It is only now that I can further understand why Master asks us "to look more at others’ strong points." It is because we sometimes can’t see our own attachments. However, we can see how we fall short and realize our own attachments when we see fellow practitioners’ strong points.

I am very glad that I found my weak point from this sharing.