(Clearwisdom.net) The Lanzhou Women's Jail is the largest women's jail in Gansu Province. It is located at No. 300, Jiuzhou Avenue, Jiuzhou Development District in Lanzhou City. At present, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is still sending money to the jail to construct more buildings for further persecution of more Dafa practitioners. Each morning, the new arrivals of female practitioners are forced by the jail to watch TV programs slandering Dafa. All practitioners are monitored individually by two "watchdogs" (criminal inmates, or sometimes "transformed" practitioners). In the afternoon, the jail forces the practitioners to write various "transformation" statements and recite the prison regulations. It is common to have practitioners savagely beaten on a regular basis. The practitioners who firmly believe in Dafa and cannot be "transformed" are turned over to the Education and Transformation of X Religions section of the prison for additional persecution.

On April 26, 2006, Jinchang area Dafa practitioner Ms. Lei Zhanxiang was illegally transferred to the Lanzhou Women's Jail. On the morning of the 27th, the ward incited two inmates to beat Ms. Lei and deprived her of sleep for three days and nights. They also forced her to watch the brainwashing recordings. Ms. Lei's face became extremely swollen from the beatings, to the point of drooping down nearly to her shoulders. In addition, her eyes were very red. During a medical examination, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and a heart problem. In spite of this, the jail forced her to take several unknown medicines. As a result, her stomach ached severely.

Wuwei City practitioner Ms. Zhao Fenglian was persecuted to death. From September 2005, wards of the newcomer's team had brutally persecuted her. They forced her to write the "Four Statements" to break from Falun Gong, and take unknown drugs, infusions and injections. She was persecuted to the point that she became quite emaciated. On December 22, 2005, Ms. Zhao Fenglian died unjustly.

The Lanzhou Women's Jail also tries to force all practitioners to lie to their families during jail visits and say that the jail environment is very good and that the jail leaders, ward leaders and inmates all treat the practitioners very well. The evil wardens dare to persecute the practitioners in jail only because the Party Committee Secretary of the state Lu Hao supports them.

The Visiting Hall Located to the left of the front entrance

The Front Entrance of The Lanzhou City Women Jail

Interior of the Visiting Hall

The Main Building Connects with the Visiting Hall

Part of the Main Building

Addition of The New Building