(Clearwisdom.net) An article in "Minghui Weekly" mentions that it is the responsibility of Dafa practitioners in the Fa rectification period to validate the Fa from a positive side. I quite agree with this point. During our cultivation process in the Fa rectification period, the wonder and supernormal power of Dafa is manifested in different environments, and in Dafa practitioners themselves. I myself have witnessed and experienced a lot. Especially during this past year, I vividly realized that Teacher's great compassion is everywhere at all times, and that all sentient beings are bathed in Teacher's mighty compassion. Now I am going to share my own experience and feelings with fellow practitioners. If my understanding is improper, please kindly point it out to me.

I obtained Dafa in 1998. Teacher stressed again and again that we should study Fa often and search inside ourselves when we meet with tribulations. I am an obedient practitioner and follow these two requirements. I spent 7 to 10 hours a day studying the Fa, so I could study at least three lectures per day. Apart from the time spent on compulsory business, I spent almost all of my leisure time on Fa study.

Why did I do so as soon as I obtained Dafa? Because my physical and spiritual condition had reached the verge of despair before I obtained Dafa. Several days after I started practicing and studying Dafa, my illness supernaturally disappeared and my spirit became free of entanglement. The painful feeling ¡V like living in hell - was gone. I knew I'd come across the true Fa. The wonder of Falun Gong was beyond my imagination and impacted my atheist thinking. When I learned that the final goal of cultivation is to become a Buddha, Tao or God, I thought, how could I cultivate to become a Buddha since I have so many shortcomings and don't even compare with the self-restrained persons among ordinary people?

Through Fa study, I understood that no matter how bad a person is, if he is determined to cultivate, he will succeed. I no longer doubted myself. From then on, I was devoted to cultivating.

Once, I came across a real hardship: My family estate. If I gave it up, I would lose 50 thousand yuan. If I didn't give it up, it would intensify strife amongst my family members. I followed Teacher's teaching and abandoned the attachment to material things. I rescinded, then everyone was happy. The next morning, I felt that my body was so light that I couldn't even sense my weight.

It doesn't matter if we have many attachments. We are cultivating and can improve ourselves, as long as we can abandon our attachments instead of concealing them or giving in to them. Only this way can we understand the Fa, see its profundity and find out that every sentence of Teacher's teaching is the truth. Only by doing it this way can we genuinely, solidly, believe in Teacher and the Fa.

I have been to Beijing to validate the Fa five times, and three times the local police took me back. The first time, I was detained for 15 days and was fired from my job. The second time I was sentenced to forced labor and this was reported to the local authorities. I thought of an article about one practitioner who said, "My Teacher has the final say, you don't," when he was being sentenced to forced labor. At that moment I felt that that practitioner was right, and I thought, "My future is determined by my Teacher." Later, a regional 610 Office director that I am not quite familiar with helped me unconditionally. He said, "Your issue has been reported to the city. It is tough and needs to be handled." One day, my husband, a non-practitioner, came to see me and said, "It's settled. They will release you in several days." I felt better right away. However, the next day my husband came to see me and said that I would probably be sent to a labor camp. I felt gloomy all of a sudden. My husband said, "You will be sent to the labor camp whether you write a letter of guarantee or not. Your case is now high profile. Since you've come to this step, don't write anything." And I thought "I will not write the "guarantee letter"."

At that time, a criminal who was imprisoned in the labor camp told me, "It is tiring in the labor camp. You are not allowed to go to bed if you cannot finish your assignment, and in the winter there is only cold water." At that moment I was determined, thinking, "The worst thing that could happen would be to sacrifice my life." The third day, my husband came to see me, saying, "It is settled. No labor camp for you. You can go home in several days." Then I thought, "I didn't even give one cent to that 610 Office director." He helped me a lot, I should thank him. I told my husband to buy a pack of cigarettes to express our thanks, and my husband did so. However, it was because of my expectation that the next day there was a change. The director of the police station disagreed with my release. He was so tough that nobody could persuade him. I became aware of my mistake. It is the power of the Fa that can make things smooth.

The director of the police station requested that my former workplace detain me for a long period of time. Later, however, he unwillingly agreed to release me after getting a lot of pressure from the director of the affairs department and the director of the security department. He said, "Nobody has ever been released without writing a statement." I didn't know the director of the affairs department. His usual practice was to make trouble for me, however he made every effort to help me out.

At that moment I also thought that Teacher was helping me, but I was not clear at that point. Now I understand: Teacher does everything! Everything is aimed at the heart! After my attachment to the fear of being sent to a labor camp was extinguished, I reached a certain level and Teacher dissolved the tribulation.

I enlightened to the following: position the heart on the righteous side; never do anything for personal benefit. Although some Fa theories cannot be understood, no big trouble will occur as long as the mind is pure and right. However, reaching the state of a righteous and pure mind requires much Fa study and genuine cultivation.

It was in December of 2000 that I went to Beijing to validate the Fa. There were several hundred practitioners there that day. They were all detained in the courtyard of the Tiananmen police station. A female practitioner, over 40 years old, from northeastern China smiled at me, saying, "I must leave here and return to my hometown to bring more practitioners to Beijing to validate the Fa. I will do it again." At that moment I could barely think, because it was so difficult for me to step out at that time. Later, I understood that Teacher hoped that I would come out of my state of depression and had arranged a fellow practitioner to tell me how to think. I didn't understand it at that time; I only thought that her mental state was so good, since she could stay so calm in that kind of environment.

Most of us were tortured, and then we were sent to a detention center in Beijing. A fellow practitioner told me, "a female fellow practitioner, over 40 years old, said to the police, 'You cannot detain me here. You should let me go back home. I have something else to do '" She was not tortured but released. I know that she was the fellow practitioner who talked to me. Hearing that, I was touched: a different mentality would bring different results. This is the difference between ordinary people and gods.

In the meantime, a fellow practitioner from our practice site went to Beijing to validate the Fa one day earlier than I had. Before she left she said, "I go there today and will be back tomorrow. They cannot detain me." Another practitioner and I didn't believe it and thought it was impossible not to be detained. Those days many practitioners went to Beijing to validate the Fa. Most of them were arrested. I believed that her thinking was off: how could she not be arrested? Isn't this what I myself pursued? Later I came to realize: she was also taken to the local detention center. Another practitioner who was detained together with her was tortured severely and as a result, had difficulty walking. Then the police arranged for her to accompany that practitioner home, and so she was released.

In conclusion, everything has to do with whether our mind is that of an ordinary person or that of a god. At critical moments it is ourselves who have the final say. Of course, there is one key factor, difficult to achieve: we must eliminate our human notions. This is also the fundamental point that the Fa requires of us. If we can genuinely meet this requirement, supernormal results will occur, and then we will become omnipotent gods.

My understanding is: at critical moments we must keep our thoughts righteous. No matter what problem arises, even if we cannot see the reasons clearly, unexpected change will occur as long as we keep our thoughts steady. Only after we improve ourselves can we see clearly the reasons behind the tribulation. The reasons cannot be figured out before we improve our xinxing. We could only feel that the matter is really what it appears. At any moment, righteous thoughts are the most important, and the key to passing any tribulation.

During the past several years, I have distributed truth materials amongst people coming back and forth. I can distribute truth materials at ease and don't meet any trouble. I seriously tell the truth to people face to face and tell people about the urgency of quitting the CCP. So far I estimate that 400 people have quit the Chinese Communist Party, the Youth League and/or the Young Pioneers after I told them the truth.

Though my enlightenment quality is poor and my human notions are strong, I always study the Fa first. I can guarantee the length of time and the amount of Fa I study, so no big divergence has ever occurred, no matter what problems I meet. Sometimes I do well, sometimes not.

In the cultivation process during the Fa rectification period, I can sense the genuine significance of a lot of Fa study: A lot of Fa study means abandoning a lot of attachments, and thinking less like an ordinary person. Moreover, in the evil environment it is easy for us to keep righteous thoughts and righteous actions, thus reducing unnecessary losses. In this way, we can go through the difficulties steadily and safely.

In the article "Towards Consummation," Teacher says, "Had you truly been able to get rid of those fundamental human attachments in your cultivation, this last tribulation would not have been so vicious."

The Fa of the cosmos is fair to every individual life. I have a deep understanding about this point. The Teacher has created for every individual life, whether a practitioner or an ordinary person, an opportunity to choose his best future. Just look, even an ordinary person who sincerely says Falun Dafa is good may become healthy and his illness will go away. Just think everyone, how much burden will Teacher have to bear for him? He is only an ordinary person. Teacher cherishes every individual like this. Doesn't Dafa treat every individual the best and the fairest? Just think what Teacher does for every practitioner? Can we even imagine?

It is the luckiest thing to cultivate Dafa. It is the happiest to become a disciple of Master. Fellow practitioners who haven't stepped out, Teacher is waiting for us, and sentient beings are looking upon us. Teacher has already laid a smooth path for us. As long as you can break through the chain of your own notions and take the first step, you can save sentient beings with ease and catch up with Teacher's Fa rectification process. You will soon become a worthy Dafa disciple.

June 27, 2006