(Clearwisdom.net) In the Autumn of 2005, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhou Huisheng was clarifying the truth to people when policeman Dai Tianyu, from the Ganwang Police Sub-Station, and another policeman arrested him, detaining him illegally in the Haicheng Custodial Station. Later he was sent to the Yuemingshan Forced Labor Camp and given a one year sentence. During his detention, the policeman Dai Tianyu often went to his home and threatened his family members.

On July 26, 2006, Ping Bo, an officer from the No. 5 Brigade of the forced labor camp in Anshan City, notified the local officials in the Public Security Bureau and his family members by phone to take Mr. Zhou home. By that time he was unconscious and on the verge of death. He was sent to directly to the hospital. A physical examination showed that his head was bleeding internally and there were clots.

He was discharged from the hospital only two days after he came in because the doctor refused to treat him. He passed away on July 30, 2006. According to the local people, the related persons were afraid of the truth coming out and they sent three undercover spies to the hospital first to see the situation there and then to the Ganwang Police Sub-Station. They sent policeman Dai Tianyu from the Ganwang Police Sub-Station to Mr. Zhou's home to see how things were with him. When he saw that Zhou Huisheng was on the verge of death, he turned his back and left immediately.

After Mr. Zhou passed away, his family members found there was a cyst (tumor) on the right side at the back of his head. When his body was cremated, some of the head bones were black in color.

Several spies colluded with the police in the Ganwang Police Sub-Station. They held secret discussions with the hospital and with the family members. The family was warned not to disclose anything and were told to cremate the body immediately. Currently, the Mr. Zhou's family dares not to speak out.

General office of the Ganwang Police Sub-Station: 86-412-3870020

Director Cai Wei: 86-412-3870010, 86-412-3288227, 86-13504913131 (Cell)

Political instructor Zhang Shihai: 86-412-3812222, 86-412-6167567, 86-1394126635 (Cell)

Internal extension: 640399

The No. 5 Brigade of Yuemingshan Forced Labor Camp in Anshan City: 86-412-2612796

General office of the Management Brigade: 86-412-3120263, 86-412-3121019

Brigade chief, Zhu Guoming: 86-412-3122345, 86-412-3228338, 86-13942263666 (Cell)

Political instructor, Wang Junyu: 86-412-3872222, 86-412-3226818, 86-13941269477 (Cell)

Deputy chief of the brigade, Hong Baohe: 86-412-3121033, 86-412-3121007, 86-412-3917738

Deputy chief of the brigade, Jin Baihui: 86-412-3121033, 86-13842212933 (Cell)

Political instructor in the custodial station, Sun Ying: 86-412-3121033, 86-412-3299090, 86-13704224000 (Cell)

Director of the detention center, Kong Qingyang: 86-412-3122329, 86-412-3298178, 86-13704123005 (Cell)

Political instructor of the detention center, Jiang Jilin: 86-412-3120263, 86-412-3225881, 86-13704224443 (Cell)

The National Safety and Protection Brigade: 86-412-3223416

Chief of the brigade, Li Haihua: 86-412-3222621, 86-13804922527 (Cell), internal extension 4609

Political instructor, Zhu Guoqing: 86-412-3223416, 86-412-3293663, internal ext. 4622, cell phone: 13304208618

Deputy chief of the brigade, Zhang Ying: 86-412-3223416, 86-412-3180896, 86-13841259733 (Cell)