(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Sun Guo has been imprisoned at the Shandong Province Prison for four years. Ever since he was arrested, he has been illegally imprisoned, tortured and suffered cruel treatment by the supervisory team of the 11th district.

On August 1, 2006, Mr. Sun Guo’s teenage daughter and his elderly brother, in his sixties, traveled a long way to visit him in the prison. Alas, they were told that Mr. Sun Guo had violated prison regulations and was not granted visiting privileges. They insisted to see him, so finally the team leader Xu told them that Mr. Sun Guo had copied Teacher’s articles and encouraged "transformed" practitioners to return to the practice. Mr. Sun Guo refused to succumb to the authorities and thus has been confined in a solitary cell for the last two months.

Practitioners inside or outside China, please help save him!

Mr. Sun Guo, 44, a college graduate, was employed at the Shandong Province Zhaoyuan City Electricity Industry Bureau. His wife, Mrs. Teng Yingfen, 47, graduate from a technical secondary school, was employed at the Shandong Province Zhaoyuan City Automatic Instrument Factory. His daughter, Ms. Sun Yanpei, 17, is a student in the gifted and talented class at the Zhaoyuan City First High School. His family lives at the Fifth Building of the Zhaoyuan City Electricity Industry Bureau Residence, Room 311. His whole family began to practice Falun Gong on August 13, 1996. They all benefited greatly from the practice of Falun Dafa.

Because he was steadfast in cultivating Dafa, Mr. Sun Guo suffered inhumane treatment during his illegal imprisonment. He lost his job, was tortured, became homeless, and then was illegally sentenced to an eight-year term at the Shandong Province Prison at Ji’nan City, Shandong Province on March 25, 2003.

Mr. Sun Guo’s wife, also a steadfast Dafa practitioner, is being persecuted. She was illegally imprisoned, tortured and lost her job. She was forced to become homeless on April 2002 and has not been able to return home for more than four years.

Mr. Sun Guo’s daughter, also a firm Dafa practitioner, was tortured at a very young age. She was illegally arrested, detained and she lost her class monitor title. She has lived alone over the past four+ years, because her father is imprisoned and her mother became homeless. She endured unimaginable pain physically and mentally.

Mr. Sun Guo’s mother, over eighty years old, was not able to bear such suffering and left the human world last year.

Mr. Sun Guo’s mother-in-law suffered a mental collapse. Once a happy family suffers now severely due to the persecution by the evil Chinese Communist Party.

We sincerely hope that practitioners inside and outside China extend a helping hand to this family once they read this article. We also hope practitioners who live around Ji’nan City or who find the opportunity to inquire about Mr. Sun Guo’s current situation at the prison report back to us over this website. We greatly thank you in advance!

Telephone numbers at Shandong Province Prison:

Prison: 86-531-8936691-4 (Office), 86-531-8959784 (Fax);
Section Chief Gai Jingtao of the Administration Monitoring Section: 86-531-8908285 (Office), 86-13964028008 (Cell);
Team Lead Chen Yan: 86-531-87072680;
Warden Li Wei of the 11th District of the prison: 86-531-87075200 (Office), 86-531-87075325 (Home);

Address of the Shandong Province Prison: 91 Industry Road South, Ji’nan City, Shandong Province, China

Zip code: 250100