(Clearwisdom.net) Early this year, the media exposed that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is taking internal organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in CCP concentration camps. Sichuan and Chongqing provinces are no exceptions. Below are some cases of Dafa practitioners being persecuted to death. The fact that the police would not allow family members to see the remains raises many questions.

1. Dafa practitioner Ms. Xu Yunfeng, in her 40s, was a train attendant for passenger transport at Chongqing Railroad Substation. She escaped from a brainwashing class after her first arrest. She became destitute and homeless to avoid arrest and stayed in places in Chongqing and other places. In one country, someone reported Ms. Xu Yunfeng and she was arrested and sent to the police station. She suffered such brutal torture that her ribs were broken during a beating. Authorities later transferred her to the Chongqing Brainwashing Class. She stayed there for over a year. She would not cooperate with the evil authorities, firmly believed in Teacher and persisted in the practice of Dafa.

One day (exact date not known), the police contacted Ms. Xu’s family and claimed that she had committed suicide. Her husband, Mr. Huang, was not a Dafa practitioner and lived in the lodging house of Chengdu Railroad Bureau. He was arrested and sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. Xu Yunfeng’s teenaged daughter and sister-in-law went to take a look at Xu Yunfeng’s remains. The police at the brainwashing class put make-up on Xu Yunfeng’s face. However, her entire body was tightly covered from the neck down. When these two young girls asked to look at her body, plainclothes police would not allow this, saying that they needed permission from the police station. Why were they not allowed to look at her body? Was it because the police had beaten her and her body was covered with wounds? Or was it because her internal organs had been removed?

2. It was said that many Dafa practitioners were arrested and detained at the Pi County Detention Center. They were tortured by the police and criminals until their last gasp, then they were sent to the People’s Hospital of Youth Palace in Chengdu City. For instance, Xiao Duan, over 30 years old, was a train attendant at Chongqing Railroad Bureau and a co-worker of Xu Yunfeng. She and her husband Wang Zhihai refused to give up Dafa and became destitute and homeless to avoid arrest. They have three sons. When the parents were tracked down and arrested, the children were sent to their grandmother’s home in the countryside. No one knows the children’s current situation.

Xiao Duan became destitute and homeless in Chengdu. She was followed by the police. Her home was searched by the police. Later on, she was arrested and sent to the Pi County Detention Center. Another Dafa practitioner was arrested at the same time. In the detention center, they were tortured. They did not cooperate with the evil and constantly tried to clarify the truth to their captors. Because they firmly believed in Dafa and Teacher, they were illegally sentenced to seven years. They did not accept the illegal sentence and appealed. But their appeal was rejected and the original verdict stood. They began a hunger strike to protest the unjust treatment. After Xiao Duan became terminally ill, she was sent to the People’s Hospital of Youth Palace. The hospital informed the family of her critical condition five days later. When Xiao Duan’s husband Wang Zhihai went to see her (Wang Zhihai was released from the forced labor camp), she had already passed away. Wang Zhihai said Xiao Duan scarcely recognizable. Her body was abnormally thin, with the stomach area caved in and flat. With great effort Wang Zhihai got the hospital to release his wife’s records which stated that she died of a heart attack. Wang Zhihai said his wife never had heart problems. He was certain this was a complete lie.

Wang Zhihai tried to find help from the Chengdu People’s Congress, the courts, judicial system, or other offices. When he tried to tell them the truth, they all turned away and would not help. Why was Xiao Duan persecuted so much that she became extremely thin and her stomach caved in? Wang Zhihai suspected that her organs might have been removed.

3. Another Dafa practitioner, Zheng Jianping, was tortured until she was on the brink of death and was then sent to the People’s Hospital of Youth Palace. The police informed her family after her death. Her family were not allowed to see her whole body. Why weren’t they allowed to see her whole body?

In Sichuan province, countless fellow practitioners are persecuted so badly that they become destitute and homeless to escape persecution, especially those in the countryside. They are harassed and threatened by the police all the time, which forces family members to dare not ask for their whereabouts. This makes it easy for the CCP to persecute them without having their crimes exposed. I hope those fellow practitioners who know some more cases can assist in the investigation of the CCP’s brutal crimes.