What is a righteous thought? Master told us that a righteous thought is divine power. How should we best use our divine power to eliminate all evil and help Master to do the Fa rectification? I discovered during my practice that the largest obstacle to developing divine power is our attachments; that is, attachments to fame, benefits and qing. Actually, we have locked up our own divine power. We do this whenever we are in an ordinary human state, or when we lose our temper when under stress.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, other thoughts emerge in our heads. These are forms of interference. Most practitioners know the difference. Those practitioners who have strong attachments will go along with those thoughts. At the end of the righteous thoughts, he is also done with his thinking. Diligent practitioners are able to maintain their xinxing and their thoughts at all times. In everyday life, whenever a bad thought comes up, he can suppress it right away. He is very vigilant about his thoughts, and is able to detect and eliminate bad thoughts right away. He does not attach himself to fame, benefits and "qing"; instead, he truly cultivates himself. When he assimilates himself to Dafa and elevates his xinxing level, he is then able to develop his divine power and help Master to do Fa-rectification without any obstacles.

Amazing things happened when I helped Master do Fa-rectification. The following are two examples. I went out one day to paste truth clarification materials onto a building. I usually paste two pieces at the entrance of the building, one piece at the second floor and one piece at the fifth floor. I always start with the top floor. One day, when I finished the fifth floor, I found there was a piece on the second floor already without me going there! This happened two to three times, and I found it quite amazing.

I went to a bookstore one day and saw some books slandering Dafa. I wanted to buy them all so that they wouldn’t poison other innocent beings. Then I had a second thought: if I bought them all, the book store would bring in more books like this, thinking that it would make more money for the store. So I folded the pages of the book that slandered Dafa and left. I went back to the bookstore many days later to check if there were any books left. I discovered one, and just before I reached out to grab the book, the electricity went out in the store. I folded the pages again and left the store. I thought it might not be a coincidence that the electricity went out the moment I reached out for the book.

Let us cultivate ourselves well and encourage each other with Master’s words:

"What is a God? Human thoughts are nowhere found." (The Difference Between Mortal and Divine, Hong Yin)