(Clearwisdom.net) Every Dafa practitioner must have some cultivation experiences, yet not everyone has written or talked about their experiences and understandings. Some are concerned that they may use too much time on the writing, some are unconfident of their writing skills, some consider their experiences unworthy of writing, and others are illiterate, etc. Despite all kinds of excuses, these practitioners have obstacles to overcome which have blocked them from sharing their cultivation experiences. The roots of the obstacles are that practitioners have not realized that it is a practitioner’s obligation to write cultivation experience sharing articles. Teacher mentioned practitioners’ experience sharing articles many times in Zhuan Falun:

"One practitioner wrote in his experience report, ‘Teacher, I’ve reached many levels of heaven and seen some scenes.’ I told him to climb up further." "Let me give you an example. When I was teaching a class in Wuhan, there was a thirty-year-old young man there. Right after I gave this lecture, he went home and sat in meditation. He achieved the state of ding right away. After that, he suddenly saw Buddha Amitabha appearing on one side and Lao Zi on the other. This is what he said in his experience report." (Lecture 2, Zhuan Falun)

Teacher also encouraged and required us to write articles to validate the Fa in his poem "Reading My Students’ Articles" (July 22, 2003):

Brilliant are the articles your sharp pens craft
Powerful are their words, rich their sentences
The body of science is riddled with holes
All of the evil party’s garbs are stripped bare (Provisional translation)
As a result of this encouragement from Teacher, some practitioners suggest that all practitioners should write down cultivation stories and experiences which expose the persecution, because this is also a form of cultivation.

First off, the writing process is a process for cultivators to break through obstacles and to improve their levels. Different obstacles may appear during the writing process, such as various interferences, human sentimentality, or attachments. Practitioners can share experiences on Fa study and their understanding of the Fa, on how to do the three things well, their successes, shortcomings, lessons learned, or practical techniques and methods. Those who cannot read or write may ask fellow practitioners to help them write their experiences. Practitioners who hear, write, type, or read the stories will benefit and be inspired by them. The more one writes, the better the writing skills you will develop; thus, the better the articles may be.

Secondly, writing experience articles is supporting the Clearwisdom website. (minghui.ca is the Chinese version) It is a strong, tangible support to Clearwisdom.net if more practitioners can write down their cultivation experiences and send them to the website. Fellow practitioners around the world can learn from the sharing so that they may improve together.

"You can use the seminar form to have everyone communicate with one another, and you may discuss and share things with one another. We require that you do it this way." (Zhuan Falun)

The Clearwisdom website is the forum in which practitioners around the world can communicate and share. Teacher also reads the articles posted on the website, and has written comments for some practitioners’ articles.

Thirdly, fellow practitioners should pay attention to articles on Clearwisdom. Let me give an example. The Internet was blocked more strictly than usual by the government from the end of May to early June. Some practitioners in China, including those who were responsible for downloading materials for fellow practitioners to print and distribute, could not gain access to the website. When asked if they had read the articles about techniques of breaking though the Internet blockage on Clearwisdom, the practitioners said "no." Even ordinary people can obtain the skills to break through Internet blockages, why could Dafa practitioners not do it? I feel I have gained a lot from reading the articles on Clearwisdom every day. Sometimes I enlightened to understand certain teachings of Master, or the meaning of certain words in Zhuan Falun at my level. This is one of the benefits that I have gained after obtaining the skills of breaking through the Internet blockage. Through the Clearwisdom website, practitioners around the world can share and progress together.