(Clearwisdom.net) Following the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the leaders of Singapore have gradually increased the persecution of Falun Dafa in Singapore over the past few years. As a practitioner from China, I want to share my experiences with everyone here.

1. Don't Think the Persecution Is Irrelevant to You If It Is Not Directly Against Yourself

Prior to the CCP's full-scale persecution of Falun Dafa in July 1999, there had been many preludes, such as many negative reports in the media about Dafa and rumors of "extraditing" Teacher. Many Dafa coordinators had been followed and harassed by undercover agents. Our exercise center was targeted by a "propaganda minister." I also read articles talking about some practitioners using their lives to protect Dafa books from being confiscated. I did not understand the Fa deeply enough at that time, so I thought these things were irrelevant to me. Nor did I realize that protecting Dafa is the responsibility of every Dafa disciple. So I just kept studying the Fa and doing the exercises in public.

Now as I think back, if all practitioners had maintained righteous thoughts and righteous behavior protecting Dafa at that time, maybe the "7-20" persecution would have been stopped by Dafa practitioners right there. All the recent incidents in Singapore and a newspaper article hinting at the possibility of banning the Falun Dafa Association are similar to what happened in China before. We should not numbly or passively let the old forces in other dimensions control the government of Singapore to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners. We practitioners have matured over the past seven years through our anti-persecution process, and Teacher also gave us the powerful weapon of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts. With the help of Dafa practitioners from other countries, Singapore practitioners, no matter whether they can directly participate in truth-clarification, can send righteous thoughts intensively and dissolve the evil factors in other dimensions that control the Singapore government's persecution of Dafa.

2. Be Truly Responsible to the Fa

A practitioner mentioned that while sending forth righteous thoughts, a few times he saw a senior practitioner falling asleep and keeping both hands in Jieyin when it was time for the lotus palm. Why didn't he remind that practitioner positively and kindly when he saw it? Doesn't this show the old forces a gap in Dafa practitioners as a whole? We are the lives truly responsible for the Fa. We should not be concerned with saving face and hence hide any issue that we see. I believe when we tell other practitioners their omissions, they are able to accept and understand us. In that way, we can be more effective as a whole.

Though Singapore practitioners have been clarifying the truth for the past several years, I recently felt that there exists some gaps among some practitioners: sometimes they enjoy and get excited when talking about ordinary people's events; sometimes they talk about people behind their backs and do not mind their speech; there seems to be some distance and disharmony between practitioners from local and non-local places. Practitioners from other places think that local practitioners should take the lead in truth-clarification because it is more convenient for them to do so. However, local practitioners, under the existing tradition and concept of fearing "breaking the law," are concerned more about what they should not do and therefore acknowledge the government's persecution to some extent. I think we should think more about what we can do instead. Many practitioners, including myself, rely on the coordinator's arrangements and rarely take the initiative to think of how we can better eliminate the evil in other dimensions. Some practitioners speak without preparation at the group sharing and hence take a lot of time. I recommend that we write our experience sharing articles first to make the group sharing more productive and valuable. This might also be a test to those practitioners listening because some of them did not want to listen, though there were indeed some good points in the sharing. We should look inward if we don't want to listen. These are just my opinions. I might only be looking at one side or misunderstand something, so please forgive me if this is so.

3. Experience of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

When one of the practitioners who was charged by the government said that this would be a good opportunity for us to clarify the truth to more friends and co-workers, I was moved by her words and felt that some of my fear was dissolved. Every thought that Dafa practitioners have has power.

I don't think of myself as a very diligent practitioner because I could spend more time doing the exercises and studying the Fa. But I can still feel the power when I send righteous thoughts. Therefore I would like to share some of my experiences here to encourage those practitioners who have not seen or felt anything when they send forth righteous thoughts. I believe that even though those diligent Dafa practitioners may not feel anything, their sending forth righteous thoughts is powerful.

Once when it was the time to clear my own field, a small snake clearly appeared in my mind. I realized that it was trying to disturb me in my field. So immediately I sat up to send righteous thoughts. Shortly my field became peaceful and there seemed to be a lot of lives cheering.

I often see different kinds of evil forms during sending righteous thoughts. At first I was afraid of them and did not know what weapon to use to eliminate them. Later, I had more righteous thoughts and was no longer afraid, but I still did not see my Gong, as I still lacked confidence. A few days ago, right after I said "Mie," a Fa-implement looking like a golden flower, shot out from the back of the left side of my body. This further strengthened my confidence. Sometimes I felt my celestial eye became heavy and was full of stuff, as if a group of evil lives rushed into a certain dimension in my world. I then kept sending forth righteous thoughts. After a while, I could then vaguely see green mountains surrounded by white clouds, clear rivers running through them and beautiful pavilions. Recently I often saw the CCP flag in my celestial eye. I would immediately try to clear out the communist party evil. There are many more experiences that I could not see clearly at that time or cannot remember now.

I recently had another experience while sending fourth righteous thoughts. Before, I did not recite the original Fa-rectification formulas from Clearwisdom.net and it was hard for me to become tranquil. I started reciting the original words recently and following the Clearwisdom.net editors' method of keeping the "Mie" Chinese character in my mind (I printed a large yellow "Mie" character on blue background on my computer so that I could see it often), I felt that my energy was much more powerful. Furthermore, I find that if I keep sending forth righteous thoughts every hour, my head is clearer. Maybe those practitioners who easily fall asleep can try this.

I hope that if possible, practitioners will try to send righteous thoughts every hour. We can do that in many places such as on the bus, on the subway or in a supermarket. If my understanding is improper, please kindly point it out to me.

July 22, 2006