(Clearwisdom.net) I am Wang Jianguo's father. I was born in the 60's, and I am a farmer. Wang Jianguo was my only son. The police arrested him without any legal cause about two months ago. In took just 40 days for Jilin City Detention Center guards and their ringleader Assistant Warden Cong Maohua to torture my son to death. My wife and I refuse to believe that my son could have died of natural causes while in the custody of the guards. He was young and healthy just 40 days ago. We want to see him again, but what we can only see is his murdered and mutilated body in the morgue. Who can understand the horrible grief we suffer because of losing our son!

The police even tore down our funeral tent and stole anything of value, including flower wreaths, flower baskets, paper dolls, paper horses, an incense burner for people to pay respect to my son by offering incense sticks, fruits, desserts, the canopy worth 300 yuan and the tent poles. Let me ask everyone, "Have you ever seen anything more appalling and inhuman?"

My daughter-in-law Zhao Qiumei was illegally arrested along with my son. She was taken to the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp and is now detained in the No.5 team section. She has not been told that the police tortured her husband to death. Meanwhile, the disciplinary staff continues to torture her, trying to make her renounce Falun Gong. We have appealed to the city government, the city's People's Congress, the city's Public Security Bureau, the city Party Committee and others, to seek justice for my son, but they have not responded so far.

Before my son Wang Jianguo died, he was a Falun Gong practitioner. He followed Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance and tried to become a better person. He became a healthy and virtuous person. He never did anything illegal or anything that would have harmed society. That was a known fact in our village. My fellow villagers were shocked when they heard of my son's death. Those who came to the funeral were in tears and said, "Who would have known such a good person would be tortured to death? He has died unjustly!"

If such a good person as Wang Jianguo was tortured to death in Jilin City Detention Center and the murders are allowed to walk free, it would be a black mark on China's record and clearly show that China's laws are just on paper but not practiced. My wife and I shall seek justice for my son, no matter how long it takes and no matter how far we have to travel. We believe that the Heavenly Law shall prevail ultimately and that good deeds will be ultimately rewarded and bad deeds will be ultimately punished.

We hope that those kindhearted people that read this letter will extend a helping hand to protect the kind, innocent people, choose the righteous side and uphold justice.

The above is an open letter from Wang Jianguo's parents.

* * * * * * * * *

Below, please read the story of Wang Jianguo's death and an analysis of his death:

Wang Jianguo, 30, was a Falun Gong practitioner from Jilin City, Jilin Province. He lived in the No.4 Team, Hongyuan Village, Hongyuan Economic Development Community, Changyi District, Jilin City, Jilin Province. On March 3, 2006, while Wang Jianguo and his wife were working in their restaurant, five policemen and their leader Tan Xinqiang from Nanjing Street Police Station, Chuanying Branch of the Jilin City Public Security Bureau barged in and arrested Mr. and Mrs. Wang Jianguo. At the time of the arrest, there was mud on his face, but there was no visible sign of injury. There was no damage to his leather jacket. Meanwhile, the police illegally ransacked their home and stole personal belongings worth more than 30,000 yuan and 3,500 yuan in cash. The cash lined the polices pockets. Mr. Xing Lianzheng, Chairman of a division at Jilin State Security Bureau, was the main culprit orchestrating the persecution against Wang Jianguo. He was responsible for the brutal interrogation tactics, which included the torture suffered by Mr. and Mrs. Wang Jianguo. During the violent interrogation, Wang Jianguo's face and arms were injured from beatings and his clothes were badly damaged. (His clothes were returned to his parents.)

During the imprisonment in the detention center, Wang Jianguo went on a hunger strike as a peaceful means to protest the persecution against an innocent person like him. Because Wang Jianguo refused to succumb to the interrogation, the detention center tortured him brutally by forced-feeding him twice a day. They attempted to break his spirit. Wang's body was broken from the torture, but not his spirit. Towards the end, he had to lean on others to use the bathroom. Despite his alarming health condition, the police at the detention center did not notify his family. It was not until Wang Jianguo had died on April 10, 2006 that the detention center took his body to "222" Hospital in Jilin City.

When Wang's family arrived at the detention center, Mr. Cong Maohua, Assistant Warden, presented two contradictory medical files that raises suspicion as to the true cause of Wang Jianguo's death. It appears that the detention center is trying to shift the guilt onto someone else or blame some other condition for it.

An analysis on questionable points:

1. [According to the detention center,] Wang Jianguo walked to "222" Hospital on his own on the morning of April 10, 2006. According to the first medical file, he had been on hunger strike for "two days." Chairman Guo of the Clinic Department was the doctor that checked on Wang Jianguo. He ordered to take Wang back to the detention center. However, Wang was carried back to "222" Hospital's emergency room on 3:58 p.m. that very day. According to the afternoon medical file, Wang Jianguo had been on hunger strike for "over a month." His heart had already stopped beating and he had no pulse. According to the doctor's diagnosis, the patient had already died before arriving at the hospital.

2. According to the doctor's diagnosis, Wang Jianguo had already died when he was carried to the "222" Hospital's emergency room. However, it says, "Wang Jianguo died after emergency resuscitation," on the death certificate issued by Jilin City Public Security Bureau's Chuanying Branch. How could the hospital provide any resuscitation on a dead person?

3. According to the hospital's afternoon medical file, the doctor asked for the warden's permission to do a CT scan on Wang Jianguo's head, but the request was denied. Why did the warden refuse such a basic request? Secondly, Wang Jianguo's family discovered a lot of visible bumps on the back of his head. They are clear signs of physical abuse. What caused these injuries on the back of his head? Thirdly, there are visible injuries on Wang Jianguo's face and lower arms and purple bruises on his back above the waist. Who inflicted these injuries? How could the detention center claim that Wang Jianguo died of malnutrition and respiratory failure?

4. The Assistant Warden Cong Maohua told Wang Jianguo's family, "We gave him a glucose drip, but there was something wrong with Wang Jianguo's head. He had trouble breathing. There was something wrong with his lungs." Wang Jianguo had been very healthy and there was no problem with his lungs or respiratory system before he was imprisoned. According to the hospital's medical files, the hospital didn't find any problems with Wang's lungs. Why did Cong Maohua determine there was something wrong with Wang Jianguo's lungs? The most likely explanation is that the detention center had non-medical staff insert the feeding tube during the forced-feeding process and the tube was inserted into his trachea by mistake. As a result, the fluid ran into the trachea, which caused him to stop breathing or die from an infection in the lungs.