(Clearwisdom.net) On June 19, 2006, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Wenli from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, was arrested by the police from the Donghe Police Department and the Guanqu Police Station in Baotou City. She was sent to the Baotou Detention Center, and died about ten days later as a result of persecution. The details are under investigation.

Police from the Guanqu Police Station notified Liu Wenli’s family of her death on July 5, 2006. Her children and relatives who work out of town went to Baotou City to see Ms. Liu’s body, but their request was rejected. The 610 Office and the police department forced the family to cremate her body as soon as possible in order to destroy evidence of persecution.

Because Ms. Liu Wenli’s family was deceived and threatened, they do not dare to reveal the truth that Ms. Liu Wenli was persecuted to death.

Ms. Liu Wenli, 54 years old, was a retired employee at the Baotou Railway Company and lived on Fourth Street, in the Donghe District, Baotou City. Through practicing Falun Gong, Liu Wenli’s health greatly improved and her previous illnesses all disappeared. On July 20, 1999, Jiang’s regime initiated the persecution against Falun Gong. In November 2000, Liu Wenli went to Beijing to validate the Fa and wrote to the local 610 Office to express her firm belief in Dafa.. Because of this, Ms. Liu was illegally detained and sent to forced labor camps three times, where she was tortured both physically and mentally. The accumulated term was about three years.

Relevant parties and personnel:

Bao Yin, Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee in Baotou City
Chen Jianzhong, Director of the Baotou City 610 Office: 86-472-5129407, 86-472-5129306
Qin Pusheng, Director of the Danghe District 610 Office: 86-472-4353236(Home), 86-472-5861677, 86-13947234777 (86-13947734777)(Cell)
Switchboard of the Baotou Police Department: 86-472-2126212
Meng Jianwei, Director General of the Baotou Police Department: 86-472-2124218(Office), 86-472-5362999(Office), 86-13514726188(Cell)
Shi Lei, Deputy Director of the Baotou Police Department:
86-472-2125872(Office), 86-472-5362995(Office), 86-13947258880(Cell) 86-472-5114653-8107(Home)
Baotou Detention Center: 86-472-4361541
Wang Yaoshou, Superintendent of the Baotou Detent Center
Li Ping, Instructor of the Instruction Branch
Guide officials: Li Gang, Zhang Jianfeng
Ren Xiaoli, Prison Doctor
Zhang Shuangming, Zhao, Leaders of National Security Team of Baotou City
Switchboard of Donghe District Police Department::
86-472-4144114, 86-472-4141875, 86-472-4143028, 86-472-4141028
Director General: 86-472-4141865(Office), 86-472-5150289
Commissar: 86-472-4141060, 86-472-2522169 (Home)
Deputy Director: 86-472-4144385, 3013(Office), 86-472-2322158 (Home)
Li Zhibin, Deputy Director: 86-472-3156338, 86-13039558833 (Cell)
National Security Team of Donghe Police Department: Hou, 86-472-2223958, Tian 86-472-2223118
Head of National Security Team: 86-472-4161517
Li Suhua, attending the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners for a long time: 86-472-4161517,
86-472-4873289, 86-13947239439 (Cell)
Liu Wei: 86-472-4150593, 86-13015045046 (Cell)
Zhang Sufen: 86-472-4156705, 86-13947223941 (Cell)
Resident Committee of Dongzhan Street: 86-472-4141553, 86-472-4141983
Bayantala Street Police Station: 86-472-4143098, 86-472-4150435