(Clearwisdom.net) On July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Jiang's regime started using the entire state mechanism to persecute Falun Gong, and arrests on a large scale occurred all over China. The systematic suppression misappropriated and abused the entire media, courts, the army, the police, special agents, andthe government, as well as foreign relations. A massive slander campaign targeting Falun Gong began with the fabrication of huge lies and an information blockade. Within the space of just 30 days, the People's Daily published 347 articles that slandered Falun Gong, while CCTV and more than one hundred TV and radio stations in each province and city repeatedly broadcast programs that attacked Falun Gong.

Jiang gave orders to the 610 Office system to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. His orders are tantamount to setting an official policy of genocide: "ruin their reputations, bankrupt them financially, destroy them physically... do not check identity, cremate directly." Under such cruel policies, the sky and earth were dark, and it seemed like every blade of grass was filled with hatred towards Falun Gong. The persecution carried the force of dark clouds that made people feel like the sky was falling, with fires that burned tall, and a dirty current polluted the land of China.

In the past seven years, the inhuman torture methods used on Falun Dafa practitioners have been beyond imagination, including detention, brainwashing, beating, locking practitioners in basement dungeons, water dungeons (1), electric baton shocks, brutal force-feeding, force-feeding with concentrated salt water, force-feeding feces, depriving practitioners of sleep, sexual torture, rape, and force-feeding or injecting drugs that damage the nervous system. As of this writing, at least 2,926 Falun Dafa practitioners have been verified to have been tortured to death; an uncountable amount of innocent people have been illegally arrested and held in detention centers, labor camps, prisons, brainwashing centers, and even in mental hospitals, where they have been tortured both mentally and physically.

In March 2006, three witnesses exposed horrific crimes of the CCP's concentration camps: the removal of organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners, which are sold for profit in the transplant trade, followed by cremation of the bodies to destroy the evidence. On July 6, a third-party independent investigation report was issued in Canada, which proved the allegations that the harvesting of living Falun Dafa practitioners' organs exists and continues to happen. The report called this crime "an evil that has never happened on this planet before." This huge sin has caused gods and humans to be angry, and it will not be tolerated by heaven or earth!

Despite being under the horrifying persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners are still keeping their faith, and absolutely refuse to give in. They do not hold hatred or use violence, and simply spread the truth and resist the persecution with peacefulness, rationality, wisdom, and endurance. They remain firm under the violence of the persecution, and do not use violence to oppose the violence. They are walking through this most cruel, dark persecution with righteous faith in the universal law, face violence with compassion, and face terror with courage. History has recorded how they have manifested their divine spirits through kindness.

Today, more and more people have learned the truth of Falun Dafa, and are helping to resist the persecution. The persecution has reached total failure. From inside the CCP system, even some CCP officials have tried to save a future for themselves by collecting documents as they prepare to face post-persecution China. Many CCP secretaries, policemen, and State Security agents are all secretly helping Falun Dafa practitioners escape the persecution. Many officials, business owners, practitioners' friends and families are learning Falun Gong.

Outside China, Falun Dafa practitioners have broken through the CCP information blockade, and are clarifying the truth to people in China. Falun Dafa practitioners have appeared in all kinds of community activities, and are very well-received by people from all countries. Take New York for example: no matter how hot the summer or cold the winter, people can see Falun Dafa practitioners practicing the Falun Gong exercises, exposing the torture methods used in China, and passing out truth-clarifying materials. More and more people have learned the truth of Falun Dafa through their efforts.

Before the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Falun Dafa had spread to over thirty countries and regions. In the past seven years, Falun Dafa has spread to nearly eighty countries and regions over five continents, surpassing boundaries of geography, nations, religion, and language. People can see Falun Dafa practitioners everywhere, which proves that evil can never win over the righteous. Falun Dafa practitioners have not fallen amidst the huge tribulation. The CCP can use up its state resources to persecute Falun Gong, but they cannot block the great manifestation of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance."

The big tide of withdrawing from the CCP, initiated by the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, published at the end of 2004, is most notable. Through an examination of the historical, political, economic, cultural, and faith aspects of China and the CCP, the Nine Commentaries reveals the scoundrel nature of the CCP. The Nine Commentaries have caused more and more Chinese people to declare their withdrawal from the CCP, and has initiated a timely spiritual awakening of the Chinese nation.

TOver12 million people whohave openly declared their withdrawal from the CCP on the Epoch Times website, at a rate of 20-30 thousand daily. In Mainland China, a large amount of people have posted their declarations of quitting the CCP publicly. Drops of water have formed a huge current; a new era is coming.

Two thousand five hundred and fifty five days have past. The CCP and Jiang's regime declared that it would eliminate Falun Gong in three months, but instead, the CCP has reached its last days. In the past seven years, solid Falun Dafa practitioners worldwide have spread the truth to each corner of society. The weakened CCP is facing its doom and there is no escape.

In these seven years of opposing the persecution, Falun Dafa practitioners have taken part in a drama of mythical proportions that has shaken heaven and earth - a group of unarmed, kind people has resisted a genocidal persecution from a totalitarian regime. These seven years of opposing the persecution is a resonating fight between the righteous and the evil.

"Whoever has virtue, must have neighbors, and must not be lonely." (2) overonOn January 31, 2006, the San Francisco City Council passed a resolution to "Condemn the CCP Persecuting Falun Gong." On January 25, 2006, the European Parliament (consisting of 46 member countries) passed a resolution that condemned the crime of the communist totalitarian powers, in a meeting with all members in Strasbourg, France. On April 10-13, 2006, during the second EU planning meeting, eleven representatives raised a bill to hold a hearing into the removal of living Falun Dafa practitioners' organs in Chinese concentration camps, and requested the Chinese government to open all labor camps to international investigation groups.

Four months after the live harvesting organ situation was exposed, out of humanistic concerns, all Taiwan agencies have condemned this inhuman violence. On April 18, 2006, 54 Legislative Yuan members (from both Parties) signed a bill to urge the Legislative Yuan to issue a resolution to urge international human rights organizations and world health organizations to investigate CCP labor camps, prisons, and hospitals. The Legislative Yuan Chairman has signed to agree to discuss this matter. Currently, there are seven counties and cities in Taiwan that have passed resolutions to condemn the CCP's illegally harvesting organs. On May 4, 2006, the Chiayi County Council passed a resolution condemning the crime and called for the international community to stop the CCP's violence. Yilan County, Keelong County, Hualien County, Tainan City, Yunlin County, and Pingtung County have all passed resolutions to condemn the CCP removing organs from living people. Other counties and cities' resolutions are currently being drafted and ratified.

No matter what angle you speak from, Falun Dafa practitioners have changed history and created miracles through their clarifying the truth for the past seven years and practicing the principles of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." This is eternal evidence of how ness will always triumph over evil. Falun Dafa practitioners overseas and in China will keep clarifying the truth with great compassion and forbearance until this persecution ends.


(1) Water Dungeon: Wearing a cotton coat and pants, some practitioners are forced to sit down beside the cell vent in a very uncomfortable contorted position, unable to stretch or lie down. The water dungeon area is very small and one can't lean against the wall for support. The practitioner is forced to sit on the cold cement floor. The police would then pour water onto the floor, soaking the practitioner's clothing with freezing water. After they repeatedly pour water into the dungeon, one's body will be completely soaked and partially immersed in water. Oftentimes the water can go chest deep. Ice-cold water and wind chill one to the bones. If a practitioner does not yield, this torture continues indefinitely. See illustration on http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/7/5/49890p.html 27.

(2) Confucius (551 - 479 BC) was a famous Chinese spiritual Master. His teachings about morality have deeply influenced East Asian life and thought for two thousand years.