July 20, 2006 Thursday

Text of report in English by Taiwan News website on 20 July

A group of top medical professionals in Taiwan preparing to practice at a China-based hospital were urged yesterday to push Beijing to allow international monitoring of organ harvesting in that country. Chang Ching-chi, director of the Falun Dafa Association of Taiwan, urged the eight renowned Taiwan doctors, who have been employed by the management of Wang Wang Hospital - a Hunan-based hospital set up with Taiwanese capital - not to engage in any live organ harvesting operations.

Chang called on the doctors, including Chen Wei-chao, former president of National Taiwan University, and Lee Yuan-teh, former superintendent of NTU Hospital, not to turn a blind eye to the "savage acts" carried out at some Chinese hospitals.

For years, Falun Gong followers have claimed that the Chinese government harvests and sells the organs of imprisoned Falun Gong members in an increasingly profitable organ trade.

Chang said a Canadian report confirmed recently that Chinese hospitals have been harvesting organs on a large scale from living Falun Dafa practitioners.

The 68-page paper, produced by David Kilgour, a former member of the Canadian parliament and David Matas, a Canadian human rights lawyer, is based partly on a series of telephone recordings made by a non-governmental group called Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of the Falun Gong in China.

The report alleged that between 2000 and 2005, only 18,500 of the 60,000 organ transplants recorded by the China Medical Organ Transplant Association were from identifiable sources.


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