(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Zongming from Tianjin City was severely injured after being tortured in Yushan Forced Labor Camp in Ji County, Tianjin City. He was released in 2004 and died in March 2006. Both of his parents also died later after being terrorized by the CCP.

Mr. Li Zongming, 37, was originally from Northeast China, and lived with his parents in the Wangxinzhunag Area of Beichen District in Tianjin City. He was arrested in 2001 while clarifying the truth in Shuangkou Town in Beichen District, and was sentenced to three years of forced labor. He was tortured with electric baton shocks, needle piercings, sleep deprivation, and other methods in Yushan Forced Labor Camp, which has now turned into a drug rehabilitation center. This caused him to suffer from chronic coughing, a bloated stomach, and extreme weakness for a long time. He was released in 2004, and died in March 2006.

The means of torture used in Yushan Forced Labor Camp are very cruel. Practitioners are deprived of sleep for long periods of time. They are forced to sit straight on a small stool, and they are jabbed with needles, punched, and shocked with electric batons whenever they move. Guards use long needles, screwdrivers, electric batons, and wooden sticks on practitioners' heads, private parts, and other sensitive places. They beat practitioners who hold hunger strikes very brutally, shove toilet brushes into practitioners' mouths, force-feed them with feces and chili powder, and burn their fingernails and toenails with cigarette butts. Sometimes several guards hold down a practitioner and use several electric batons simultaneously. Practitioners are shocked until they pass out. Each practitioner has several prisoners watching over him or her closely. Practitioners can be beaten at any time, day or night. The guards have even stuffed batteries into practitioners’ anuses.

Those who have participated in torturing Falun Dafa practitioners in Yushan Forced Labor Camp include Wang Guifu (director), Chen (CCP committee member, first name unknown), Li Fen (female), Li Zhan (ward CCP head), Li Lixin, Li Jun, Li (first name unknown), Wang Baodong (ward head), Wang Xinzheng, Wang Xiguang, Jiang Yongliu, Zhang Xuyong, Wu Zhiguo, and others.

Guards who tortured Mr. Li Zongming include Wang Baodong, Zhang Xuyong, Li Lixin, and Li Zhan.