(Clearwisdom.net) Under the orders of Director Lu Zhenshan of Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, the ruthless torture of Falun Gong practitioners still continues in the attempt to reach a 100 percent "transformation" rate. Upon arriving at the labor camp, practitioners are first detained at the group training team to be "brainwashed" and forced to write statements to denounce Falun Gong. If they refuse, they are subjected to brutal torture such as electric shock, hanging, sitting on the iron chair, slapping, beating, deprivation of sleep, and being crunched on a brick. Guard Yao Fuchang publicly declared, "This is the decision of the labor camp, the director, and the party committee. Otherwise we would not dare to do this."

During July and August 2005, practitioners Song Wenjuan, Yan Tingzhen and Chen Guiying refused to renounce Falun Gong. From July 21 to the end of October, Yan Tingzhen wrote three to four articles exposing the evil party. This enraged Director Lu Zhenshan. Beginning in October, he held conferences to plot and design new torture strategies. Guards separated these three practitioners so that they could target them individually. Chen Guiying was detained at the 7th team, Song Wenjuan the 12th team, and Yan Tingzhen was left at the group training team. Beginning on October 31, they began to brutally torture these practitioners. They hung them up during the day and forced them to sit on the "iron chair" at night. Director Lu Zhenshan supervised the torture every day.

Assistant instructor Yao Fuchang carried out the torture of Yan Tingzhen. He was also the person responsible for practitioner Zhang Hong's death. He told Yan Tingzhen, "Isn't Zhang Hong dead? He died in vain! Where are the wounds?"

Ms. Yan Tingzhen fainted once as a result of the hanging. Police poured cold water on her and continued to hang her up. Ms. Yan succumbed to the brutal torture and, against her will, wrote articles to denounce Falun Gong. Afterwards she was tied up on the "iron chair" for a whole month. This is how they achieve the 100 percent "transformation" rate.

The instructor in the group training team, Wu Hongxun, assistant instructor Zhao Yuqing, and Yao Fuchang even made up "oaths" and the "three rules addendum" to denounce Falun Gong. They required practitioners to recite them every day. Many practitioners who refused and did not cooperate were tortured. Several female guards in the group training team often tortured practitioners for no reason. Among them, guard Wu Baoyun is the one who most often tortured them.

In early 2006, they once again asked everyone to recite the "oaths" and the "three rules addendum." Practitioner Meng Qingying, who is 69 years old, refused. She was consequently hung up for four days straight by Director Wu Hongxun, Assistant Director Yao Fuchang, and guards Wu Baoyun and Guan Jie. She was subjected to electric shock and beating that caused her to lose control of her bowels.

Practitioner Ms. Liu Shuzhen did not cooperate. As a result, she was repeatedly shocked on her face, mouth, legs, and feet by guards Yao Fuchang, Jia Cuiyan, Yu Fangli, Zhou Muqi, Li Changjie, and Wu Baoyun. She was previously crippled from torture. Now, it is even more difficult for her to walk. Practitioner Fu Shuxian was beaten by guards Wu Baoyun, Zhou Muqi, and Yu Fangli, causing her to have bruises all over. Practitioners Yuan Xiuzhi and Song Guiqin were also constantly tortured by guards Zhao Yuqing, Yao Fuchang, and Zhou Muqi. The torture included electric shock, sitting on an "iron chair," and sleep deprivation. Practitioner Yu Yuejing was beaten and forced to sit on the "iron chair" by guards Na Dongbo and Liu Xianyu.

These violations of human rights and violations of Chinese law can be seen everywhere.

For example:

In early 2006, the group training team suddenly body-searched practitioners to prevent them from studying Teacher's articles.

Beginning in May 2006, in order to block the exposure of the crimes of the CCP's harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and cremating their remains to destroy the evidence, at the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp the practitioner's families were not allowed to visit--even on visiting day.

Before May, on the visiting day each month, they would put photos of Teacher on the floor of the entrance to the visitors' room and force their families to step on it. Otherwise they would not be allowed to visit. Such crimes have gone on for a long time at Wanjia Labor Camp.

Violations of labor laws:

Practitioners were forced to work over ten hours at a stretch. Male practitioners have to work 15-16 hours a day. They were deprived of the right of communication between practitioners. The police would open and check practitioners' letters, not allow them to make phone calls, and hide the truth of the persecution. For example, when practitioners' faces were disfigured by torture, they would not allow their families to visit them.

Wanjia Forced Labor Camp contact information:

Director Lu Zhenshan: 86-451-84101471 (Office), 86-1390362280 (Cell)
Group Training Team Director Wu Hongxun: 86-13836182482 (Cell)
Assistant Director Zhao Yuqing: 86-13845040186 (Cell)
Yao Fuchang: 86-451-84101455-3475 (Office)
Yang Yan: 86-451-84101455-3473 (Office)
Na Dongbo: 86-451-89637555 (Cell)
Director of Management Office Liu Tao: 86-451-86956755 (Cell)
Guard Wu Baoyun: 86-451-89223099 (Cell)
Li Changjie: 86-451-84101455-3473 (Office)
Guan Jie: 86-451-88706532 (Cell)
Zhou Muqi: 86-451-84101455-3475 (Office)
Yu Fangli: 86-13946040151 (Cell)
Li Chunxia: 86-13845061402 (Cell)
Jia Cuiyan: 86-451-84101455-3473 (Office)
Liu Xianyu: 86-451-84101455-3475 (Office)
Shao Nan: 86-451-84101455-3473 (Office)

On June 14, 2006