(Clearwisdom.net) Once, while distributing truth clarification materials with a fellow practitioner, we were arrested by the local protection division. It was the first time that I had been persecuted and it seemed rather sudden. The other practitioner and I were cuffed in a small house adjacent to the protection division. Many people from the 610 Office came and started looking at us from the door. At that time, a non-righteous thought emerged: "What should I do? I can only submit to their demands in order to be released." This unrighteous thought passed through my mind for a split second before it was extinguished. "No! No matter what I am subjected to, I will put down my attachment to life and death. I would never do anything to betray Dafa!"

By then, my mind had calmed down. I immediately cleared my own thoughts and remembered Teacher's Fa: "I should not be here!" Teacher has taught us to wholly deny all of the arrangements of the old forces. I should not be here at all. I am a Dafa practitioner. If I were to be imprisoned here, it would be a humiliation to Dafa. Moreover, Teacher has told us that everything in the eyes of man is fixed, but it is in fact changing in the eyes of gods. While all these things seem to be in a fixed state, things will definitely change. I thought, "...with the Master and the Fa here what is there to fear?" At this moment, a strong sense that Teacher and all the righteous gods were right by my side emerged - they were all there with me. Although my human eyes could not see them, I truly knew that Teacher was right by my side. Immediately, my mind settled down, like a child with his parents by his side feeling safe and secure. Looking at the handcuffs on my arms, I felt that they were immaterial and powerless. How can they ever cuff me up? I am a Dafa practitioner; the situation is no more than an illusion.

I thought, now that I am here, I know that I am not actually arrested here. There was no such notion at all. I thought this way instead: I am here because there are evil elements here to be cleared out and eliminated. As a result, I began sending forth righteous thoughts non-stop and clarified the truth to everyone who came to monitor and look at me. I did not have a single trace of resentment toward them. All I knew was that it is bad for them to be involved in persecuting Dafa. Compassion arose in my mind, and I could clarify the truth compassionately.

I knew that I could never be imprisoned there because this is not arranged by Teacher for us. This thought was as strong as diamond in my heart, and without doubt. I told them firmly, "I have to leave this place, I am not a criminal. I should not be here!" When they came to ask for my name, all I said was "Dafa disciple!" Thereafter, the environment changed, all the people there could not treat me in an evil manner anymore. They served me with water and removed my cuffs. A few of them took my photograph just to fulfill their work procedures. I used my hands to block their photo taking, resisting their actions.

They started trying to figure out how to release me, worried that it was not safe for me to go home alone (it was already midnight). In the end, they found a friend of another imprisoned practitioner to take me back, and even repeatedly wishing us safety. Before releasing me, they sent me to the hospital for a physical check-up, confirming that I was pregnant before letting that friend take me home. According to the evil's way of operating, since they had found dozens of truth-clarification CDs in my bag, as well as receipts for burning these CDs, they would not have released me even though I was pregnant. I know that this was Teacher protecting me. I escaped from the claws of the evil under Teacher's protection.