(Clearwisdom.net) For the first time in the history of human civilization, Falun Dafa has disclosed the secrets of the universe and the secrets of life, and has pointed out the path for us to become great enlightened beings of a different realm. In order to save the sentient beings at this stage of degeneration in the universe, our great and benevolent Master experienced many hardships to come to the human world, using the most shallow language of humans to spread the principles of the universe to the world. When I recollect the process of my cultivation, I realize more clearly the preciousness of Dafa, and I experience the great benevolence of Teacher.

I started practicing Falun Dafa in November 1998. Before I practiced, my wife had various diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis. She went everywhere looking for therapy, spending thousands of dollars every year. One day, my wife had the fortunate opportunity to borrow the book Zhuan Falun. That night, she read forty pages without stopping. Suddenly a warm current passed through her whole body and she slept very well that night. In less than a month, her various diseases disappeared. Falun Dafa gave her a new life.

I studied in school for over ten years and my head is filled with the educational theories of atheism, but facing the facts of her changes, I was very curious, so I picked up the book Zhuan Falun to read. There was so much knowledge in that book that I had never learned before. My wife practiced the exercises, so I learned to do them as well. I feel my body filling with energy whenever I do the exercises , especially when I do the "Falun Standing Stance," it occurs automatically. After a few days, my stool was black and purulent. Since then my body has felt very light. When I walk, it is like I am being blown along, and I am not tired at all. I know this is because Teacher is purifying my body for me.

After July 20, 1999, when Jiang Zemin started the persecution of Falun Gong, the cultivation environment was destroyed. Because I was not clear on the Fa principles and had a human mentality, I was afraid that my personal interests would be damaged. I did not study the Fa and did not do the exercises. Not only that, I stopped my wife from practicing. Her mental burden was very great and she left home several times. Our child did not listen to us either, and often playing computer games. He even stole our bicycle and sold it. Our family was on the edge of collapse, and I was in great pain.

At this time, fellow practitioners sent Teacher's new articles to us. After reading them I started to ponder, "Is Falun Gong true or false? Is it wrong to cultivate 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance?' Why is Falun Gong being persecuted?" I yearned for the answers. So I quieted down to read Zhuan Falun, Essentials for Further Advancement, and a series of overseas lectures. I read them again and again. Deeply studying the Fa allowed me to understand the Fa more and more, and I found the answers to these questions. Due to Teacher's illumination, our whole family assimilated to the Fa. A cultivator's peacefulness and sincerity is very beneficial to mental and physical health.

Our lives come from the Fa. We are the lives of the old cosmos, which would have been eliminated. At this critical historic moment, benevolent Teacher has lifted us up from hell, giving us all the factors we need in cultivation. But the evil old forces made layers and layers of arrangements in the name of testing us. Because of the nature of the "selfishness" of the old forces, their final purpose is to cause Dafa disciples to give up cultivation and cause sentient beings to be damaged due to opposing Dafa. They have a destructive function in the Fa rectification. Therefore, our every single thought should be put on the Fa and we should not look at the human world with a human mentality. Otherwise, the evil will take advantage of our shortcomings, causing unnecessary losses.

Only if we study the Fa more and study the Fa well can we see the essence of these things, which will prevent us from being confused, allow us to send out strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors, and clarify the truth to save all predestined sentient beings. Then we can complete our holy mission while denying the arrangements of the old forces. Doing the three things well enables us to walk the Fa rectification path that Teacher arranged. Sentient beings live in illusion, but we do not. We have Teacher, and we have the Fa. What will prevent us from walking the cultivation path to becoming great enlightened beings?