(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Xiujuan was born in 1965 and was a farmer from Masong Village in Masong Township, Changle County, Shandong Province. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Ms. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong three times and was arrested and transferred back to Changle County each time by the police. She was illegally detained on criminal charges twice and was detained by the county government several times. On January 21 (lunar calendar), 2001, Ms. Wang was beaten to death by the Masong Township secretary of politics, Zhao Shijun.

In late April 2000, Wang Xiujuan went to Beijing for a third time to appeal for Falun Gong. She was illegally arrested and transferred back to Changle County by the Changle County Police and detained in the detention center. The county secretary of politics, Zhao Shijun, was furious about her appealing in Beijing and went to the detention center to transfer Wang Xiujuan and other two practitioners to an illegal prison he set up in Masong Township. He tortured these three practitioners with a vengeance to vent his anger. Wang Xiujuan was forced to keep her legs straight while sitting on a cement floor. Zhao Shijun viciously stomped her legs with his leather boots. Many people could hear Wang Xiujuan’s screams and groans.

When Zhao Shijun was tired, he ordered his subordinates to tie up Wang Xiujuan’s thumbs using a nylon rope and hang her from the window frame. Five days later, Zhao Shijun transferred Ms. Wang and two other practitioners back to the detention center and detained them for a month. After a month, Zhao Shijun still did not allow them to go home and continued to detain them in the Family Planning Office until early August.

On September 30, Zhao arrested Wang Xiujuan, her parents, and four other practitioners, and detained them in the Family Planning Office using the excuse that the National Holiday (October 1) was a "sensitive date". Even on the Lunar New Year’s Day of 2001, he did not allow them to go home. During all the seasons, they had to sleep on a torn mat on the cement floor and cover themselves with a thin quilt. These seven practitioners were each detained in a solitary cell, so that no one would see them, no matter how cruelly Zhao Shijun tortured them.

In early January of lunar calendar 2001, the seven practitioners, including Wang Xiujuan, were transferred to the township community home for the elderly, where they were still locked up in solitary rooms. Wang Xiujuan’s room was the last one on the west side. The practitioners went on a hunger strike for several days to protest the persecution.

On January 20, 2001, Wang Xiujuan’s husband Tang Zonggang was allowed to visit her. He managed to help Wang Xiujuan escape while the guards were not paying attention. Wanting to rest awhile, Ms. Wang first went to her parent’s home, since she was very weak from the more than six months of detention and hunger striking. It was beyond her expectation that the local police, led by the police station chief, would find her there. Ms. Wang lay on the bed resisting the arrest. The police jumped on the bed, wrapped Ms. Wang tightly in a blanket, carried her into the police car and detained her, back in the solitary room.

On the second day, January 21, instigated by the Township Communist Party secretary Sun Lanxin and Secretary of Politics Zhao Shijun, the Arms Division chief Liu Gaochang, Director of Agricultural Machinery Liu He and neighborhood committee head Gao Yongrui beat Ms. Wang inhumanly. Zhao Shijun supervised the beating and he also participated. At around 3 o’clock that afternoon, Practitioner Wang Xiujuan was beaten to death by this group of thugs.

After Ms. Wang died, her remains were transferred to the township morgue. The police did not notify Ms. Wang’s mother until 10 o’clock that night. They told her mother that Ms. Wang committed suicide by hanging herself. Two policemen carried Wang’s mother, who was dizzy, suffering extreme grief from her daughter’s death, to the morgue to take a last glance at her daughter’s remains. Wang’s mother noticed there were not any rope marks on her daughter’s neck and her daughter’s eyes were wide open. She was in tears as she closed her daughter’s eyelids.

Right after this, Ms. Wang’s remains were moved by the police that same night to the Changle County cremation field. Wang’s husband Tang Zonggang, and other relatives, came to the township authorities and demanded to see the remains. The Communist Party secretary, Sun Lanxin, would not meet them and ordered the gate to the Township Communist Party Committee to be closed. Ms. Wang’s relatives were not allowed to see her remains until January 26. By then, Ms. Wang’s body was covered in ice and her face was beyond recognition. Her relatives requested that they be allowed to change her clothes but the police refused, fearing that the wounds would be uncovered. However, her relatives insisted on changing her clothes, as otherwise they would not allow her remains to be cremated. At last when the police allowed them to change the clothes, Wang Xiujuan’s relatives found a lump on her forehead and some wounds on her shoulder. It was impossible to make out anything on her body but it was clear that there were no rope marks on her neck. Her relatives cut open her clothes with scissors and changed her into new clothes. In tears, they allowed her body to be cremated.

Below are the wicked perpetrators who persecuted Wang Xiujuan:

Sun Lanxin, then Communist Party secretary of Masong Township, now chief of the Bureau of Forestry of Changle County: 86-536-6222650 (Office), 86-536-6228667 (Home)

Sun Lanchun, current Communist Party secretary of Masong Township: 86-536-6951043, zip code: 262400

Zhao Shijun, then Masong Township’s secretary of politics, now chief of the Bureau of Travel of Changle County: 86-536-6281920, 86-536-6284618 (Office), 86-536-6223171 (Home)

Liu Gaochang, then the Arms Division chief, now working for Atuo Township government of Changle County: 86-536-6951109 (Office)

Office of the Communist Party Committee of Masong Township: 86-536-6951106