(Clearwisdom.net) Many fellow practitioners have undergone great changes both externally and internally during the 10-plus years of Fa-rectification cultivation. They have no illness and their bodies feel light. In fact, they look so much younger that they have played a positive role in saving all beings, as ordinary people have seen in them Dafa’s wonder and amazing power.

Recently, however, I noticed that some older practitioners, though consciously holding strong righteous thoughts toward illness karma, are helpless and hopeless with regard to some aging symptoms, such as blurred vision, ringing in their ears, hearing loss, graying hair, loss of hair and teeth, age spots, and so forth. Some of them explained, "My family members all lost their teeth young." They were saying that it runs in the family.

Master said in Zhuan Falun,

"Dual cultivation of nature and longevity means that while cultivating your character, you are also cultivating longevity, or in other words, you are transforming your innate body. While your body is transforming and human cells are being gradually replaced by high-energy matter, the aging process slows down. Your body will show signs of returning to youth, returning gradually and transforming gradually. When it’s finally completely replaced by high-energy matter, your body will have been entirely transformed into another kind of physical body."

"A practice that cultivates both your nature and longevity can have a rejuvenating effect and make you look a lot younger than you are. Someone asked me the other day, 'Teacher, how old do you think I am?' She was almost 70, actually, but she looked like she was in her forties. She didn’t have any wrinkles, and her face looked smooth and fair with a rosiness to it. There’s no way somebody who’s almost 70 could look like that. But that does happen to our Falun Dafa practitioners."

Of course, cultivation practice is a serious matter. In the course of cultivation, each person’s appearance and state is directly linked to the improvement of his heart-nature, ascendancy of his realm, and constant removal of his attachments. What Master said is the Fa. If what Master said isn’t relevant to our cases, shouldn’t we try to discover the attachments in our hearts? Are we doing the three things well? Is it because we have not been careful enough in certain respects and we should be more diligent now? If we do not pay enough attention to the changes on the surface, we might develop another type of attachment. We might have cultivated very well in other respects, but we need to be clear about the Fa principles.

If you think aging is natural when one gets old, then you will get old. We, as Dafa disciples, don’t even have the age decided by heaven; how can there be aging for us? Isn’t that an acknowledgment of the arrangement by the old forces? I remember a story a practitioner told me last year. She said that one day she had a terrible toothache and found her front tooth loose the next day. She thought: "I am a Dafa disciple, a special being. Each cell in my body is part of me, and they are all lives. I have an obligation to let them assimilate to the Fa and enter the new universe with me. The evil forces are not supposed to test me." She sent out righteous thoughts three times in the evening, and her toothache was gone. She didn’t lose her tooth, and the pain never came back. Another example is a 70-year-old practitioner who attained the Fa in 2005. One day she went to a fellow practitioner’s home to study the Fa but forgot to bring her glasses. Fellow practitioners told her that Master mentioned that under similar circumstances glasses for near-sightedness and blurred vision are no longer needed, and that many practitioners have been able to achieve that. Hearing that, she said, "I can do it, too." With that firm thought, she saw every word in the Fa clearly without her glasses. Since then, she no longer needs her glasses. She can read the Fa perfectly well without her glasses, whether she studies it during the day or at night, and whether the words in the book are large or small. I remember what an article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website said about a certain truth-clarification materials production center. Among the practitioners at that center, the oldest person was 76 and the youngest 56. The highest level of education among them was elementary school. Is this something ordinary people can achieve? No. Indeed, nothing can stop us if we can understand the Fa based on the Fa.

Among the beings that Dafa gives to the new universe, the higher the level, the younger and more beautiful they are. Let us work hard to continuously assimilate to the Fa and become beings Master wants by doing the three things well and totally rejecting all the arrangements by the old forces.

The above is my personal understanding. Further sharing and kind correction from fellow practitioners are welcome.