(Clearwisdom.net) At our Fa study site, there is an older couple. The husband, over 70 years old, hasn’t received much education, while the wife, in her 50s, is illiterate. Going through the persecution, they have clarified the truth without fear of hardship, relying on their righteous thoughts and righteous actions.

In 2000 when the persecution was most rampant, the wife went to Beijing alone to validate the Fa and was illegally arrested by the police. While she was in detention, three people beat and kicked her for a very long time while she was hung up with both her feet off the ground. Back then, nobody knew to eradicate the evil with righteous thoughts. When the beating was too painful to bear, she shouted out to one who was beating her: "Don't you realize how much De (virtue) you have to pay me when you beat me so badly?!" After hearing that, those people let her down. One of them even told her, "I’m so sorry," while another one didn’t show up for three days. She wondered if the person was sick at home because he had lost so much De. She told the facts to everyone she came across and refused to sign the Guarantee Statement. In the end, she returned home safely.

Back home and after studying the Fa, she realized that a practitioner has the responsibility to save sentient beings, so she and her husband started making posters to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution. When the persecution was intense, the local practitioners had a serious attachment to fear and most of them did not dare to make contact with each other. Sometimes they couldn’t even get the newly published lectures by Teacher. But with their righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa, they continued doing the three things a practitioner should do. Whenever they got an original copy of a truth clarification document, they brought it to the print shop and made many copies. Sometimes they even made hundreds of copies at once and distributed them all over the neighborhood.

When they didn’t have any new materials, they sent out copies of the older ones. Gradually, the local police became aware that they were the ones distributing the materials and started monitoring them. Once, due to a gap in xinxing and a lack of cooperation among practitioners, the police sought out materials in their home, arrested the husband, and took him to the detention center.

In the detention center, a policeman brought him several drinks. After he drank one, he felt very uncomfortable and realized that he had been deceived. He started looking inward and realized that he shouldn’t take anything from the police. Then he asked Teacher for help and sent forth righteous thoughts. The next day when the policeman came to work, he held his stomach and complained that he felt very bad. The practitioner then told the policeman about the principle that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with karmic retribution. The policeman didn’t dare to say a word in response. In the same cell, another detainee who took a drink got a headache. The practitioner told him, "Reciting ‘Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good’ will solve your problem." The next day that detainee told him privately, "The method you taught me really worked." Then the practitioner told him, "Tell everyone you know, whether in here or outside, that Falun Dafa is good." The detainee answered, "I will, and I will also look for you when I get out of here."

During the court hearing, one practitioner revealed that there were a few thousand copies of truth clarification materials. The husband claimed responsibility for most of the printed documents and reprimanded the judge: "You say we are criminals. Then, who is the victim? You wear the national emblem while trampling the constitution. You are not punishing the evil and praising the good, rather the opposite." The judge was rendered speechless. Soon after, the elderly practitioner's sentence was suspended and he was released.

After the husband returned home, the couple continued all their activities validating the Fa. To monitor them, the police arranged spies across from and beside their home, but nothing could stop them from validating the Fa.

Once the wife went out right under their noses. On the way to her hometown, she thought to herself, "It is not easy for me to get there, and the time I can stay is very short. I want all the people I want to save to wait for me." As a result, when she got to her hometown, she met each one of the people she had thought of. She distributed a copy of the truth-clarifying material to each of them. When the agents monitoring her realized that she had gone, they sent out people to bus stations and train stations to intercept her and keep her from going anywhere, but by then, she had finished everything she had wanted to do and had returned. When the agents tried to come into their home, the couple refused to let them in and kept the door shut. Those agents left.

Once the police sent more agents to monitor them. The couple repeatedly sent forth righteous thoughts. The agents left in less than two days.

When sharing experiences with other practitioners, they came to the understanding that a pure heart is important no matter what they are doing. As they distributed truth-clarifying materials or clarified the truth without fear and with a heart of saving more people, the material they posted would still be up the next day. Once when they were posting materials, a security guard came by and asked what they are posting. The wife told him that it was nothing, then picked up a copy and asked the guard if he wanted one to read. The guard turned and walked away.

There are many stories about their righteous thoughts and righteous actions. Although they seem mundane, in my heart I can feel their compassion to save sentient beings.