(Clearwisdom.net) "Believe in Teacher and the Fa" is a topic constantly discussed among Dafa practitioners. I feel that belief is not gained from theory, but by the practice of the Fa. To be frank, it is during hardships and tests that you will step towards either godhood or humanness. Teacher’s omnipresence and the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance enable us to witness and enlighten to the Fa. You become more faithful and determined. In this article, I will share my experiences of believing in Teacher and the Fa.

Just before Qingming Festival this year, several practitioners in our city were illegally arrested. I went to a practitioner’s home to plan and organize an activity. Near the house, I was "illegally arrested" by hidden plainclothes police along with several other practitioners. We were taken to the nearby police station.

There was no reason to look for a group cause of the incident. This is not about human beings fighting each other, but about the affect of evil forces in other dimensions in this world. It must be human notions I have long held on to that have given the evil an excuse to persecute me. I looked inside and corrected myself. I have obtained the Fa of the universe, not like the lives in the old universe who go by the principles of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction. Thus, there is no such concept of death. However, I still need this human body to save sentient beings and assist Teacher. Teacher said:

"But no matter how they've interfered or how evil the things they’ve done are, when you look back you’ll see that in fact nothing has 'escaped from the Tathagata’s palm.' And that’s for sure." (Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference)

Everything should be determined by Teacher.

I started to clarify the truth to every policeman near me. I focused on the self-immolation at Tiananmen Square and the shocking evil acts that the CCP is committing by taking organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. Most of them were very shocked, meaning these young people could be saved.

Two young men kept playing with their cell phones. They did not want to listen no matter what I said. I thought, "Please let someone come who is willing to listen. I will talk with him, then these two will also hear." A policeman wearing glasses walked in saying, "I have read books about Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity. Now I want to discuss Falun Gong with you." I talked with him for about two hours regarding cultivation. More policemen came near to listen. One of the policemen who had been playing with the cell phone just a minute earlier imitated my lotus hand posture. He moved close enough to ask, "Do you have the book? I want to read it." I said, "There are books in your duty office." He ran out.

There was a young policeman looking at us and listening carefully. Another policeman walked in and gave me an eye signal to stop talking. I did not stop! Instead, my voice grew louder. After the other policeman left, he asked, "It is enough for me to listen to you, why do you continue when others came around?" I replied, "This is the Great Law that one cannot encounter in a thousand years. I have proved by myself that it is true. I want to tell this to everyone I meet." He asked in surprise, "If you could be released now, just by making a statement that you will give up the practice, would you do it?" I shook my head with a smile. He closed his eyes saying, "I really want to help you, but there is nothing I can do."

Then two other policemen took me into an office and tried to get some information from me. I thought, "The relationship between us is not the interrogator and the one being interrogated. I am the hope for this police station. I am a shining god." I sat upright on the sofa and talked about the benefits of Dafa with a smile. In the police station I sent forth-righteous thoughts frequently. I regarded myself as a practitioner, thus I would not give up doing the exercises. The police chief came while I was practicing the standing exercise. He shouted loudly, "How dare you do the exercises here!" I thought in my heart, "I am practicing the great law of universe, just look at me. Without me, you may never have the chance to know how to practice the great law of the universe. This is the compassion offered to you by gods and Buddhas." The police chief became silent, sat next to me for about half an hour, then left frustrated.

On the third day, the police chief gathered us onto the patio. About six or seven policemen watched us. There were many people and cars moving around on the patio. I thought that this was a good opportunity to go home. A fellow practitioner said, "My shoes have a flat heel and I can run fast." Yes, I should let fellow practitioners leave first. It was the first time that they encountered such things and they had no experience. At noontime, several policemen came and chatted endlessly with the previous ones. I stood high on the stairs, so that they could see me and wouldn’t worry. There were several police cars in the middle of the patio. I blocked their view, while two practitioners went over the wall. I stopped another practitioner from going. I thought that since so many policemen were watching us, if we were caught none of us could leave. I felt that the gods in the heavens were praising me while I did so.

My family members showed up at the police station trying to get me released. The police chief could barely sustain the pressure. He called the police department and said, "Several of my boys here almost started practicing Falun Gong." They decided to send me to a detention center. I resisted firmly. Several policemen had to carry me. I cried out loudly, "Everyone knows that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Everyone knows that the Tiananmen immolation was staged. Why do you still follow orders? Are you sticks or machines?" A fellow practitioner said, "Don’t cry." I thought, "I am not crying. I am clarifying the truth."

I went on a hunger strike at the detention center. The director said to other inmates, "It doesn’t matter how much other work you get done, just get her to eat." The cell head picked several talkative people to encourage me to eat. I did not open my eyes, nor did I speak. They failed. Then several directors came to threaten me with force-feeding. I thought, "You dare not do so!" I looked at them, thinking they were very funny. At the same time I was sad. If I was doing well before, how could I end up in this kind of place? In my heart, I asked Teacher and the other righteous gods to help me.

The director was upset. He calculated that one person could not hold out for more than seven days on a hunger strike. Therefore, they sent me to a hospital. Every time I was the center of attention with a large group of people surrounding me. I could feel the frustration of the evil force, but they did not give up. During this time, fellow practitioners were sending forth-righteous thoughts for me continuously and passing on information about me in the local area. My family members and my husband’s family members came from home. My room was packed. Those panicky policemen played a trick on me. They lied, telling me they would take me back to the department and release me after I saw the department chief. They left my family members waiting and sent me to a temporary brainwashing session.

At the brainwashing session, I thought that it should be time for me to go home. The phrase, "One hundred percent" kept appearing in my brain. I knew it was Teacher enlightening me. I was 100ure that I would be able to leave. At midnight, while I sent forth-righteous thoughts to leave, I saw devils in front of me biting their teeth angrily. The giant teeth were as big as the teeth of a big horse. I thought, "It is useless for you to gnash your teeth. Teacher will let me leave." Thus, with the help of a family member, I successfully escaped from a window with an anti-theft device on it.

I temporarily lived in a family member’s home. I was always a little afraid in my heart. Teacher mentioned before that everything in the universe, with or without form, are lives. The fear is a kind of life. I could not let it grow to control me. I continued with my tasks and sent forth-righteous thoughts to get rid of fear. Thus, I went back home and continued validating the Fa.

My home is pretty close to the police station and I always check for people from the police station when I go outside. Teacher enlightened me in a dream, "Don’t think about it any more. They no longer remember you."

This is a relatively large test. The hardships are also the process of selecting. Here I want to tell those homeless practitioners, "Those evil policemen always looked for you because evil in other dimensions are making trouble. You have to get rid of the human mentality. Then the evil will naturally disappear." During this time period, Teacher enlightened me that everything He did for me was to purify me. I cried out in happiness. I realized that Teacher selected me and purified me.

I read Zhuan Falun again and the Fa displayed itself in different dimensions. I realized that people live for their feelings. Fame, gain and emotion are created for humans by gods. They attach to human beings and make them feel motivated. We as cultivators abandon them. Of course they will be unwilling and make it hard to abandon them. Otherwise, why did Teacher tell us?

"What’s given up is not oneself
But instead the folly of delusion" (Hong Yin II, provisional translation subject to improvement)

Once we understand the Fa, it will be easy to get rid of the human notions.

I have some understandings. We are the disciples of the Lord of Buddhas. Teacher did not just want us to become small immortals, but to become the kings and lords of the new universe. We need to validate and enlighten to the Fa of our own heavenly realms. How do we do that? Of course not just by studying the theories at home. Think about it, Shakyamuni and Jesus left cultivation cultures. They had to come to the human world. We want to enlighten and validate our own Fa. We will need to enlighten from the Fa of the universe (following what Teacher said). Practitioners in different areas who assist Teacher in Fa-rectification appear to have more hardship than those who stay at home to cultivate. You should not feel sad. Soon you will know that you have gained.

This is all I wanted to say. I hope practitioners will compassionately point out any of my understandings that are incorrect.