(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since July 20, 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been brutally persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners and depriving them of their rights of belief, speech, and personal freedom. The CCP put my name on their blacklist, and the policemen harassed me during certain times. During these times I took the Fa as my teacher and refused to endure the mistreatments passively.

I am 59 years old. I was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa in 1993, and joined classes on spreading the Fa a couple of times with Master in Chongqing City. For the past thirteen years, I have firmly believed in Dafa and Master, closely following the Fa-rectification process.

On July 20, 1999, policemen and neighborhood administrators from the Dashiba area came door to door to collect Falun Dafa books. I enlightened that the books should not be relinquished, as treasuring Dafa is treasuring our own lives. How can the Fa guide our cultivation if we relinquish our books? Therefore, I hid my books in a non-practitioner friend's home.

In the year 2000, policemen and people from the 610 Office in Changan Factory (my employer) secretly arrested more than 40 practitioners and locked them up in the Huaying Mountain Brainwashing Center. I escaped, and hid in my brother's home. Factory 610 office policeman Yan Xiangming (male) and CCP Secretary Li Qianhui (male), along with Neighborhood Chair Lu Jianpeng and CCP member Feng Kefu drove from Jiangbei District to my brother's home in Jiulongpo District in attempts to illegally arrest me and put me in a brainwashing class, but I absolutely would not allow it. People passing by were all condemning them for arresting people without reason. They had to drive back. But later, after I returned home, they assigned four retired CCP members to monitor me. They followed me every time I went out to shop, and often searched my vegetable basket at will. Their interfering with my Falun Dafa work was beyond the limits of forbearance, so I called the CCP Secretary Li Qianhui and Office Head Zou Zhuiming (male) every day around midnight, forcing them to withdraw their close monitoring of me. From then on, the evil dared not question me or search my vegetable basket.

In 2001, before the Asia Association of Peace Parliament (AAPP) was held in Chongqing City, policeman He Wei (male) from Dashiba Station lead seven plain-clothes policemen to try to arrest me in front of the factory gate in broad daylight. I struggled to negate their evil plan, and at the same time I begged Master in my heart, "Master, please protect me, and do not let the policemen arrest me." I was also reciting Master's Fa-rectification verses. I shouted to people, "Please come take a look quickly, policemen are trying to arrest me without any legal evidence, please help me reason with them." Suddenly about 30 people surrounded these policemen and said, "She was practicing Falun Gong at home, and did not do anything bad. You do not have any legal papers, so why arrest her?" My fellow practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts among these people. Their attempt to arrest me failed. I pulled He Wei's shirt, and requested that he apologize to me in public. He had no choice but to apologize. I left home early the next morning and avoided their second attempt to arrest me at 8:00 a.m.

Policemen from the local station often harassed me at home from the years 2000 to 2004. They detained me in the police station for several hours, or ransacked my house, but they never found anything.

In October 2005, the Asian Pacific Major's Summit was held in Chongqing City. Policemen arrested a considerable number of Falun Dafa practitioners in September 2005. At around 4:00 p.m., on September 24, 2005, the police head from Jiangbei District Department, Li Xianyong (male), and four policemen stormed into my home, showed me their search warrant, and wanted to ransack my home. I asked them calmly, "What crime did I commit?" They said, "People said you practice Falun Gong." I thought about how Master taught us to not cooperate with the evil, and then asked them again, "Where did you see me practice Falun Gong?" They had no answer.

In order to chase them out, and alert other fellow practitioners about their safety, I shouted loudly, "I will not allow you to ransack my home!" These five policemen were shocked. My two sons also stood out to stop them from ransacking my home, or arrest me. I shouted loudly from the window, "People, come and see these policemen who are trying to ransack my home without any reason again!" Policeman Li Xianyong tried to threaten me, "Why do you shout?" I reasoned with him, "You can come in to ransack my home, but I cannot even shout?" Li Xainyong said with a low voice, "We do not carry any guns." I told him, "Why not bring your guns? I am still alive." Li Xianyong still said shamelessly, "Why not let us search?" I answered in an upright manner, "You ransacking my home is a violation of human rights, and is illegal." Under the protection of Master, the policemen had no words to say, but withdrew.

On May 18, 2006, policemen Huang Jianzhong and Xiao Xiaolong (both male) asked me to open the door, but I refused and they had to drive away. Later I met Huang Jianzhong on the road and asked him why he joined the persecution and why he was harassing me all the time.

In the past seven years, I never passively endured any mistreatments, but resisted the persecution with Master and Falun Dafa's guidance.