(Clearwisdom.net) Jiuquan Prison is located in the desert and was initially built in October, 1951. It was originally named the Jiuquan Electrical Machinery Plant to cover up that it was a prison. It has 469 guards and current staff members, plus 330 retired staff members. Its main electrical machinery plant occupies three acres. The prison is comprised of thirteen buildings. Two affiliated farms, the Chengjiao Farm and the Qingshui Farm, occupy 1,650 acres. A large number of "political prisoners" and "right wingers" sentenced to long prison terms were detained here in the 1960’s. The prison is now used to detain Falun Dafa practitioners.

The Jiuquan Prison office building and the entrance to the Jiuquan Electrical Machinery Plant

The door to the meeting hall near the staff dining room of the Jiuquan Electrical Machinery Plant

Staff dining room and the meeting hall

Leading from the dining room are the stairs to the basement, where the real underground meeting hall for prisoners is located

Before 2006, the Jiuquan Electrical Machinery Plant detained over 20 Falun Dafa practitioners from Jiuquan City. For some time in 2003, police detained Falun Dafa practitioners together in the same squadron to brainwash them. Later, because practitioners went on hunger strikes to resist the persecution, the police then separated the practitioners and sent them to different prison sub-areas.

Around the Chinese New Year (January 29) in 2006, male Falun Dafa practitioners from Gansu Province who had been sentenced to prison terms were transferred to the Jiuquan Electrical Machinery Plant, and torture methods used on practitioners became more brutal. Instead of forcing Falun Dafa practitioners to do hard labor, beating them and verbally abusing them, the prison deprived them of sleep. Detained practitioners could not tell their families, who had come to visit, what was happening to them because police guards monitored their conversations.

Address of the Jiuquan Electrical Machinery Plant (Jiuquan Prison):

16 Qilian Road, Jiuquan City, Gansu Province; zip code: 735000
Current prison warden: Liang Qiuming (male)
Deputy prison warden: Wang Yin (male)

Other staff members:

Psychological consultation and therapy: Meng Chao (male) in First Ward, the Jiuquan Prison, 86-13893766978 (cell)
Physician: Lin Xihan (male)