Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 (Lecture and Q&A),"

"But cultivation is sacred, and it is serious. Master will benevolently resolve those things and has actually settled many of your debts for you; however, with such a major, major issue, in a life-and-death test, can the cultivators not be held to high standards? Those students who are not diligent will have a hard time making it through. Having such great debts, at life-and-death moments could you be allowed to make it through without righteous thoughts?"

Practitioner Zhao is 73 years old. She told me a story about herself. One day last July she suddenly felt sick. One of her arms got so numb that she couldn't carry anything. Also, one of her feet became very nonresponsive. She showed symptoms of becoming paralyzed.

Her family was scared. Her son took her to his home and cried and begged her to go to the hospital. Her husband was very worried and asked her to get hospitalized. She herself was quite calm. She wasn't afraid at all. She firmly believed in the Fa and in Teacher. She knew only Teacher could save her.

She didn't forget the lesson that she learned soon after the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999. At that time, the evil was very rampant. She had many attachments and dared not to step forward to validate the Fa. She didn't even dare to practice the exercises any more. She soon felt ill and her heart disease became serious. Her blood pressure reached 240. Her blood was so thick that the nurses weren't able to draw her blood for tests. All her other illnesses returned as well. Her family took her to the hospital. The doctor said to her husband, "You stay with her. Things don't look good at all." Her husband and she started to realize that it was because they had deviated from the Fa. It was a serious lesson. They came back to the Fa and never again stopped practicing the exercises and studying theFa. They also started to clarify the truth to people. Soon they got well.

When they studied the Fa more, they improved their understandings of the Fa. Teacher said in his article "Sickness Karma,"

"For us cultivators, other than the karma Master has eliminated, we still have to pay a portion ourselves."


"Sickness-karma isn't something that can be casually eliminated for an everyday person..."

She came to realize that Teacher eliminated her karma simply because she was supposed to save sentient beings. Therefore, she wasn't afraid. She kept studying the Fa, practicing the exercises, and sending forth righteous thoughts. Two weeks later, she was well. She and her family were very grateful for Teacher's help. Wasn't it magnificent that a 73-year-old senior made it through a life-and-death test by keeping righteous thoughts and righteous actions?

She also told me that, when she was going through the test, one of her sons had a car accident when he was driving a big truck loaded with cement. The truck turned over and her son was trapped underneath the truck. However, he was fine. It was a great example of one person practicing Dafa benefiting all her family members. Now both of her sons admired Dafa and they said, "Falun Dafa is wonderful!"

When I heard her story, I thought of a fellow practitioner that died. When she felt sick, she went to a hospital for a checkup. The doctor told her she was fine. She then went to another hospital. The doctor there also told her she was fine. Her kids said, "Then let's check out and go home." She said, "No, let's keep my registry, so I can come back here if needed." She didn't treat herself as a practitioner. She didn't realize this when the doctor in the first hospital told her she was fine. She still didn't realize this when the doctor in the second hospital told her she was fine. She even refused to check out. Wasn't she pursuing sickness? Eventually, she was diagnosed with cancer. Still, she said, "I've done so much Dafa work. Why didn't Teacher protect me?" She didn't treat herself as a practitioner when she felt sick. In the end, she died.