(Clearwisdom.net) On May 20, 2006, the head of the Comprehensive Management Office, Zheng Youkui, was killed by lightning at the young age of 44. The villagers who heard the news all unanimously agreed that Zheng Youkui had met his retribution.

Zheng Youkui closely followed Jiang's regime in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners by raiding their homes, and confiscating their money and jewelry and then reaping the profits. When he was the Pi County Party Committee member and security minister, he arrested, detained, and beat practitioners. When Hezuo Town merged with Deyuan Town in 2004, he became more brutal and vicious in an attempt to advance in rank and position by persecuting practitioners.

On May 20, 2006, Zheng Youkui, along with the Party Secretary Su Yuncheng from Yongguang Village, Deyuan Town and Village Chief Shui Liucheng, were inspecting a field. Suddenly, lightning came from the sky followed by deafening thunder. Zheng Youkui, who was walking between the Party Secretary and the Village Chief, jumped several steps and fell to the ground. Immediately, the rain came pouring down and the thunder disappeared.

After the news spread, the villagers came to see what had happened. Zheng Youkui's hair was completely burned. His face and abdomen had turned to charcoal and his clothes were torn into pieces. Shui Liucheng, who was walking ahead, was so scared that he could hardly walk; Su Yuncheng, who was walking behind, was fine. The lightning and thunder lasted for only a short while and seemed to be striking at Zheng Youkui alone.

The CCP media and the Huaxi City News claimed: "Zheng Youkui died in the line of duty." The reporter stated: "The sudden incident shocked the other two speechless. Zheng's trouser was burned to the bottom of his leg, there were three wounds on his left leg."

This is a warning for all 610 Office personnel, comprehensive management office workers, Public Security policemen, and anyone else who carries out the atrocities of the CCP and persecutes Falun Dafa practitioners: Stop any and all criminal behavior, expose the atrocities, make amends for your faults by doing good deeds, and redeem your future.