(Clearwisdom.net) I have always felt that time is limited since I began practicing Falun Dafa. I thought that the only solution was to sleep less. However, to sleep less would leave me feeling exhausted, which would affect both my ordinary work and my ability to do the three things well.

According to experience sharing from fellow practitioners, there are some who sleep very little, only one or two hours a day. My mother also only sleeps two to three hours a day. I have wondered how they can sleep so little. Don't they feel tired? I have wanted to overcome the problem of sleeping less but I have always failed.

I have realized that the reason why I could not decrease my sleep time was because I seldom practiced the five exercises every day. That is why my physical body could not be transformed well. To resolve this problem of feeling tired, the ordinary method would be to sleep more instead of doing the exercises. I enlightened that, before my body in this dimension has been completely transformed to the high energy matter, it will be restricted by this dimension, so that it will feel tired and want to sleep when it is time.

Recently I have had more time and I can finish the five exercises each day. Originally I needed a nap at noon but now I do the exercises during this time, which makes me feel very good without sleep. With such a great practice placed in front of me, how could I not be diligent and teach myself to sleep less? Being diligent with the exercises eliminates the feeling of being tired and makes me feel very good. It is actually natural to not need so much sleep. Therefore, if fellow practitioners feel that they get tired easily, they should consider whether they are spending enough time doing the exercises. The status of our human body in this dimension also reflects the status of corresponding celestial bodies in other dimensions.

Please point out any incorrect thoughts.