(Clearwisdom.net) On February 21, 2006, Zhang Shibo, the head of the Fuyu County 610 Office in Jilin Province, Du Dianlong, the chief of the Fuyu County National Security Team, and others illegally broke into practitioner Mr. Wang Enhui's home in Dongyu Village, Xiaojia Township, in order to arrest him. Mr. Wang's wife resisted the police and an officer hit her on the head so hard that she nearly lost consciousness. She was so seriously injured that she was sent to the Fuyu County Mental Hospital for treatment and spent more than 5,000 yuan before being released. What happened to Mr. Wang Enhui and his wife caused his daughter, who has a history of mental illness, to suffer a relapse. Right now she is still in Taonan Mental Hospital receiving treatment.

On March 23, the Fuyu County Court secretly tried Mr. Wang Enhui in the detention center. Sun Yajun (female) was the judge. Wang Licheng appeared in the court representing the Procuratorate. Gao Yunbo and Wang Yongjiu, the party secretary and the public security director of the Dongyu Village, perjured themselves in the trial. Mr. Wang Enhui was dragged into the interrogation room by several criminal inmates and given a five-year sentence. On April 20, 2006 , Mr. Wang was sent to the Shiling Town Prison in Siping City, where 63 more practitioners are being held. After Mr. Wang went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, the police guards force-fed him and tortured him for a long time. This has put his life in great danger. The prison refused to accept Mr. Wang three times due to his severe medical condition. Because of his family's strong and persistent requests to release him, the Fuyu County Police Department released Mr. Wang on medical bail. On April 30, 2006, Wang Enhu's family'picked him up.

When Wang Enhui was illegally detained at the Fuyu County Detention Center, he was brutally tortured by the prison guards and criminals. As soon as he was sent to the detention center, the police forced him to sit on the tiger bench for two days and nights. His hands were cuffed behind him. The handcuffs were so tight that they cut into his wrists. The police did not loosen the handuffs even a little, and Mr. Wang's hands and shoulders became severely swollen. Mr. Wang went on a hunger strike to protest his treatment. After five or six days, the police incited criminals Li Xingyan (from Wanxing, Wujiazhan Town), Liu Xiwu (about 40 years old and from Hanjiadian, Xiaojia Township), and Zhao Yongfu (from Xin'anzhen Vilage) to force-feed him. They beat Mr. Wang and yelled at him while they force-fed him. Zhao Yongfu viciously pinched Mr. Wang's cheek. His cheek was so mutilated that a deep purple hard lump developed. Then they used a syringe to spurt liquid food (rice boiled in hot water and a concentrated salt solution) or just the concentrated salt solution into his mouth. If he did not swallow, they would twist the syringe inside his mouth, puncturing his throat and the insides of his mouth. A few days later, Doctor Xing Yan'gang from Qianyushu Village, Gongpengzi Town, Fuyu County, who was imprisoned there due to malpractice, started to feed Mr. Wang. He poured the concentrated salt water into Mr. Wang's injured mouth, which caused severe pain to his stomach, and extreme thirst.

Mr. Wang Enhui firmly resisted the persecution, and they failed to force-feed him. So they angrily poured all the food and cold water all over him. The police forced Mr. Wang to sit on the tiger bench for a long time and ordered two criminals to watch him in turn. Criminal inmate Zhao Yongfu whipped Mr. Wang's back even though he was extremely weak. In early March, before the detention center sent him to the hospital to force-feed him, they released him and stopped beating him. Then they found someone to make a videotape to propagandize their "noble deed." Afterwards, they continued to have him force-fed in the hospital and to make him sit on the tiger bench while three criminals brutally force-fed him.

Criminal Liu Xiwu also beat Mr. Wang Enhui as he force-fed him. Liu claimed that this kind of torture was to "serve" Mr. Wangi. Every day, Liu tried to find a chance to torture Mr. Wang. During the force-feeding, prison guards Jiang and Xiang also kicked Mr. Wang. One day during an inspection of the detention center, Mr. Wang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" Prison guard Nie Jing used a six-cm diameter plastic tube to beat him. Afterwards, Nie Jing also hit Mr. Wang's cheek.

Each time Mr. Wang Enhui was sent to prison, in order for him to pass the prison's physical exam to be accepted, the detention center always sent him to the hospital first to feed him a protein- and potassium-rich solution to adjust his body chemistry. In the hospital, criminals had to carry Mr. Wang wherever he had to go. His feet were still shackled to the hospital bed, and the police watched him all the time. Mr. Wang shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" whenever he saw someone while he was in the hospital. Finally, the prison refused to accept him three times.

Mr. Wang Enhui's health condition is extremely precarious due to the brutal persecution he has suffered. Because of his family's demands, the detention center finally agreed to release him.

In 2001, Mr. Wang Enhui was persecuted in the Jiutan Forced Labor Camp for more than one year. He was brutally tortured many times. He was in solitary confinement for 50 days. His health was really bad as a result. Mr. Wang was released on February 2, 2002, but was arrested again on March 16. On the night of March 16, Wang Enhui was sent to the Fuyu County Detention Center and was illegally sentenced to three years in the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp on March 25. On September 20, he was released and picked up by his family due to the critical state of his health.