It is no secret that the CCP utilizes its power to persecute the Chinese people. The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has recently received more comments from around the world condemning the CCP.

Jean-Michel ROSSI, France

The Chinese who risk their lives for their peaceful resistance and all those who take actions to stop the persecution are great! History will put the hooligan regime on trial, like those lunatics and murders in history who have been tried. At this time, it is a shame to have the Olympics in Beijing.

Martine Marchand, a doctor in France

I sign to oppose such extremely shameful atrocities with doctors as accomplices.

Please send this petition form to National Council of Medical System of France, though I am not sure if they will sign.

I won't tell God what to do because I can't judge the justice of God. However, nobody will forgive such things. It is our brothers, sisters and children who are subject to brutal torture and murder.


I feel ashamed that such crimes are happening at this era. But I am not surprised that it happens in China. We are completely unaware of the hidden side of China. We must boycott Chinese products and let more people know about it. Why don't the news appear as headlines on TV and in newspapers?

Tan Ee Lin, Singapore

This is inhuman. I always thought that it all had ended when WWII ended. With this, I hope all will end. Never let such inhuman acts exist in the world ever again!

Emmeline, Singapore

I'm really horrified by the fact that such torture could still happen today. Why isn't the United Nations stepping in to investigate? And media should report on such cruelty internationally to raise awareness to everyone.

Tiffany Britt, USA

I will never be able to understand how a person can bring cruelty to another without feeling any type of remorse behind it. I consider people like this to be inhuman and just plain evil. I pray for does who have endured so much persecution for as it is said..."Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

Crystal Guiness, New York, USA

I am embarrassed that things like this go on and we live our lives completely clueless of it. Taking it for granted that things like this would never happen in 2006.

Style Manitoba Magazine, Canada

We were horrified to learn of this death camp and the illegal harvesting of human organs. It is both sad and true that North America reacts when their own people are threatened by something such as SARS, but turns a blind eye when reaction would mean losing their toehold in China's industry. Why does it always come down to economic gain?
We wish we could do something meaningful to help.

Mary, USA

I would like to know if these people would feel the same way if these things were being done to their mothers or daughters. I cannot believe that someone would have absolutely no remorse at all over doing acts like this to another human being.

Beatrice Weber, Canada

Why is nobody doing anything about those horrible crimes????

Michelle Davies, England

Disgusting inhumane animals!!! How do they sleep at night?!!

Bettina Starke, UK

For several years I have been aware of the lucrative industry of organ harvesting in China through Die Zeit, a German weekly paper. I am relieved to see that a concerted effort is made to give this unspeakable practise maximum exposure, and your organization has my full support in this.

Mary Smith, Scotland

I did not know about this and as a human being I deplore the fact that any human being could treat another in such an inhuman way. Those in power in China should hang their heads in shame! I will pass this information on to everyone I know.


Wow. This is the first I've heard of the horrors. At least I'm informed now.

Jonathan Pav, Australia

How can we live in this world and be happy whilst this suffering is permitted by the so called developed countries? Forget cheap imports - people are more important than placating trading partners!

This, along with similar atrocities, needs modern media attention!

Philip Johnston, USA

Barbarism is alive and well in China. That such things continue to happen after the Holocaust indicates that the world's sole superpower, the US, needs to do more.

Julian Harrison, New Zealand

People are being tortured, killed, and harvested in a controlled and methodical way by the Chinese Government. The United Nations should exact justice.

Natalie Corless, UK

The torture practices used by the Chinese government are absolutely reprehensible and must be subject to a form of enquiry. I can only hope that signing this petition will bring some support to those affected and their families.

Greg List Jr, Michigan, USA

I am deeply saddened by what I read and saw in the above article. The world suffered horribly during WWII due to 'cleansing' and now it is happening all over again. These atrocities must be stopped. We as the human race must take a stand against this killing and put those responsible on the other end of the spectrum. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected by this.

Tracy Littlejohn, USA

I am ashamed that our country yet again ignores true atrocities in this world. Fighting to encourage democracy should never be held as a priority above basic human rights of safety and security from such hateful treatment.

Abe Sundstrom, USA

This is outrageous. To think that this type of torture is going on without the sane world standing up to condemn it is completely nuts. Why hasn't this been brought out through the world's news media and why does it take mass emailing to accomplish what would take a few moments in a TV spot on 20/20 or other widely watched news program.

Philip Shell, England

As individuals, the only way to protest initially is to boycott all Chinese produced goods, whilst ensuring our local politicians raise the matter in the Commons. How can this be happening in 2006???

Stefanie Peklar, Austria

I am ashamed for being a human. I thought that this barbaric acting has been stopped by the end of the 2nd world war - I'm absolutely shocked - words can't express what I'm feeling. We have got to do something!

Roberta Lester, USA

How can the US sit back knowing this is going on and do nothing as they did in Germany when the Jews were being killed. I will pray every day for these people.

kévin d'alton, France

It is time to do something to stop the massacre! I am very glad to sign to show support.

CHANE YIN Gérald, Island of Reunion

It is hard to imagine such things happen in this era. I don't understand why people do that...I can't find a word to describe it. I fully support Foundation of Conscience and all those who have done their best to stop the persecution...It is pity that not much time is left. Time is precious to save lives...God bless...


I feel ashamed as a member of mankind when I see such bad conducts. I realize that all governments on this globe should know this news. So I will tell all the people I know. Not just tell, it is necessary to shout!

Eric, Benin, Africa

Can anyone do anything worse than such horror? How can such a country be allowed to organize the Olympics?


I am so shocked! It is terrible to think that some people resort to violence to others without remorse or regret! I think it is not only horrible but also disgusting! Thank you for unveiling the CCP's barbarity! I hope it will stop.

JY Bouchaud, deacon, Catholic Church, France

No need for comment. The pictures and the exposure of the crime are sufficient...


I don't know what religion China will have tomorrow. But thinking about the tragedies, the word "Happiness" is gone in Chinese language. This country is destroying itself as quickly as it pollutes and destroys nature. Thank you for your combating against it!

FINELLE François, France

Thank you for your effort to battle terror, injustice and hatred! Silence is the behavior of cowards.

Myriam Counotte, Switzerland

Thank you for these articles to awake everyone's conscience! I pray that light will disperse terror, the world will awaken and peace and love will triumph on the land!

Pierre Aribaut - Zetrader, Paris, France

Nothing will justify violent suppression of ideology, religion, politics and philosophy. However, there are still cruel persecution and barbarity under the name of "no need for evidence", "dangerous religion", "political group" and "pseudo philosophy". This web site is tragic evidence.

pissot régine, teacher in Normandie, France

Such crime is unacceptable!