(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Li Xupeng, from Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province, loved to read and was well-known for his intelligence in his hometown from the time he was very young. In 1993, with the highest score in his county, Mr. Li enrolled at Renmin University of China. Upon graduation, he went to Shenyang City and started his teaching career at National Administration College. During his college years he found Falun Dafa and started practicing it. Falun Dafa led him on a whole new life journey. When the persecution began, he, along with other practitioners, appealed to the provincial Communist Party Committee and went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. But what was waiting for him, one after the other, was prison and cruel torture.

After April 25, 1999, the police, under orders, started harassing Falun Gong exercise sites. Without any legal justification, the police refused to let practitioners hang banners saying, "Teaching Falun Dafa, free of charge." All these incidents seemed to foretell that a strong political storm was on its way. Coordinators of many exercising sites, including the one where Mr. Li went, feared conflict with the government authorities and yielded to their unlawful demands.

Mr. Li firmly understood that Falun Dafa is not at all harmful and that it was a benefit to the country and its people. He saw no reason to stop putting up the banner. He strongly believed that practitioners should not comply. He and Ming Yu brought their own banners, hung them at their morning exercise site, and protected them, one on each side, to prevent the police from tearing them down. An amazing thing happened: The four words "Fa Lun Da Fa"on their banner appeared to be three-dimensional and a complete image of each character appeared on the top and bottom and left and right sides, with all the images orbiting the central word. This miracle drew more and more people. It lasted for a week. Many people came to the site to study the Fa and practice Falun Dafa. The number of people at the site suddenly increased from 300 to about 700.

Around July 20, when practitioners from Shenyang City demanded justice in front of the provincial government, policemen and armed police forces, in great numbers, forcefully dispersed thousands of peacefully appealing practitioners. Volunteering himself as the representative, Mr. Li Xupeng stood up bravely and went into the government office alone. Even though he was not a coordinator, he was a dedicated and well-respected practitioner. Because he went to the government, he was illegally arrested. Later, when he also went to Beijing to appeal, he was arrested again.

When Jiang Zemin groundlessly framed and denigrated Falun Gong, Mr. Li and his wife again went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong.

At the end of 1999, Mr. Li, along with other practitioners, went to an interview about their petition with a government official with whom they had an appointment. When they arrived, the government actually arrested them and sent them to a forced labor camp.

During his detention in the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Li took the initiative and resisted the persecution. He successfully arranged a group hunger strike and forced the detention center to cease many vicious means of torturing Falun Gong practitioners. Some individual policemen swore to make his life miserable.

At the end of 2000, he was arrested for a fourth time, but Mr. Li broke away from the detention center very skillfully. The police offered a reward of 20,000 yuan for his arrest.

In early 2001 in Beijing, Mr. Li was arrested and sentenced to a forced labor camp for two years. In the Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, he held firm in his belief under the cruel persecution. The police detained him alone, tortured him non-stop over an extended period of time, steamed him in the boiler room, and extended his term for 10 extra months. None of these tactics could affect his genuine belief and righteous actions. Under his influence, many "transformed" practitioners in the unit he was in woke up from their wrongdoings and publicly pronounced anything they had said or written that violated the principles of Falun Dafa to be invalid. In the end, the unit was dismantled.

At the end of 2004, he was arrested a sixth time and sent to Haidian Detention Center in Beijing. While he was detained there, he fell into a coma twice due to repeated tortures.

In March 2006, while visiting Bai Shaohua, also a practitioner, Mr. Li was arrested again. A month later, without any legal evidence, the police sent him and Ma Wanli to the Zhangshi Brainwashing Center in Shenyang City.

We appeal to the international community and every kind-hearted person to pay close attention to Mr. Li's situation and help stop the persecution of Mr. Li. Please help to rescue Mr. Li and all other detained practitioners from the Zhangshi Brainwashing Center.