(Clearwisdom.net) The Falun Dafa Association and the Minghui/Clearwisdom website recently launched the "Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG)" and are collecting evidence of organ harvesting and persecution. Please find below recently discovered information. We sincerely hope that people who are aware of relevant facts will continue to step forward.

Staff at the Yuhuangding Hospital in Yantai City might have participated in harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners

I know someone from Weihai City that I haven't seen for a long time. I saw him recently. I suddenly remembered that he was sick with uremia a few years ago and had heard he had a kidney transplant. I asked him about it, and he confirmed receiving the transplant.

Today I went to see him to talk about the kidney transplant. He said he went to the Yuhuangding Hospital in Yantai City in the morning of April 27, 2004 and received the kidney in the afternoon. The hospital authorities told him that the kidney came from Dalian City and was brought to the hospital on an airplane only two hours after being removed. They told him the kidney donor was an 18-year-old man convicted of rape.

Under Chinese law, a rapist does not warrant a death sentence. Why was he executed precisely at the time that someone needed a kidney?

Several heart transplants carried out at the Anzhen Hospital in Beijing in June 2006; suspicious organ source

Within a week, between June 8 and June 15, 2006, surgeons at the Anzhen Hospital in Beijing performed three heart transplants. According to a witness, a group of people wearing camouflage uniforms delivered the hearts. The medical staff was told not to answer phone calls from Falun Gong practitioners and not to reveal any related information.

A hospital in Fuzhou Military Zone in Fuzhou City sold two livers for 60,000 Yuan total; transplants were completed within five days

In mid-May, a hospital in Fuzhou Military Zone in Fuzhou City sold two livers for 60,000 Yuan total. A man bought one liver and underwent transplant surgery at a hospital in Fuzhou City. A woman bought the other liver. It took only five days for the patients to make the decision and for the hospital to complete the transplant. Such a low price and short turnaround to find a donor is truly rare among normal transplant surgeries.

Secret prison near Jiefang Square in Dalian City

Yesterday, I read a report about a secret prison near Jiefang Square in Dalian City. I am familiar with the area. As far as I can remember, there is no trace of the prison near the Square, because it's a bustling commercial zone. Today I asked my family and learned that there is a secret prison inside the Dalian Electric Motor Factory that is south of the electric bus station in Jiefang Square, past the Malanhe Bridge. My family member helped escort a prisoner to the secret prison years ago, and he learned about the prison by chance. The prison was probably converted from an underground air-raid shelter. The reconstruction within Dalian City never touched that area. Large corporations like the Dalian Heavy Steel Casting Corporation were moved out and replaced by residential apartments, yet the small Dalian Electric Motor Factory and the bungalow next to it remained untouched.