(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2005, the Jilin City National Security Police sent people to Ms. Wang Yin's workplace, Jilin City Radiation Chemical Industries, to investigate her activities. On July 15, 2005, four people from the National Security Police Department came to her workplace and tried to arrest her. They pushed the management to trick her into coming to the company site, but the plan failed. Later they went to her house directly to make an arrest and to search her home. In order to expose the police's illegal activities, Ms. Wang went out onto the balcony and told her neighbors about what was happening. Fearing the bad publicity, the police backed off and left her house temporarily. Right after that, Ms. Wang left her home and went into hiding.

On July 17, 2005, agents from National Security Police pretended to be water meter readers and fooled Wang Yi's mother into opening the door. The police rushed in and searched the house, confiscating many things such as Dafa books, printing materials, and personal items, including a cell phone, bank deposit book, personal ID card, etc. Later her family members repeatedly asked for the return of these items, but the police refused.

On August 31, 2005, under police pressure, her employer demanded that she come to work. On September 23, 2005, in a meeting of all its employees, the management announced that Ms. Wang Yin had grossly violated work discipline and fired her.

At the beginning of December 2005, Wang Yin's parents went to the National Security Department, asking for the return of the stolen items. Director Zhang, the person designated in National Security Department Four to persecute Falun Gong, came out to receive her parents. He gave them his own phone number and asked that Ms. Wang call him. In order to clarify the truth to him, she later called him. Zhang did not say much during the phone conversation, but about 10 days later, on December 13, 2005, a dozen national security agents rushed into the room that Ms. Wang shared with three other practitioners and arrested all of them.

That night, Ms. Wang was sent to Changchun and detained at a secret detention center under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province National Security. She was illegally detained for more than a month. Everyday she had to wear handcuffs and foot shackles; she was often forced to sit on a chair for a long time during the day. At night, she had to sleep on two chairs, because there was not enough space to lie down stretched out. She was allowed to sleep on a mattress only four times during the month, and for two nights she had to sleep sitting up in a chair. In the last 10 days of her detention, the four police officers assigned to monitor Ms. Wang forced her to watch TV almost 24 hours a day so she could hardly get any rest. As a result, she suffered from memory loss and steadily lost weight. The issues that she reported to Director Zhang were not resolved at all.

During her entire time in detention, Ms. Wang was on a hunger strike. After seven days, she was sent to the company hospital owned by Factory Number 228 for forced feeding. Subsequently, she was forced to go through forced feeding once every two to three days. In total she was force fed no less than 11 times. From the day she was arrested, Wang Yin was placed under huge psychological pressure. The first night of her detention, policeman Zuo said to her: "I want to rape you, because I am a rapist." Ms. Wang denied his evil act by sending forth the righteous thoughts. After she was transferred to Changchun, officers Yang Qi and Chen intimidated her. During this time three general director level police officers came to see her. Two of them asked to see her after she started the hunger strike. They feared that their illegal conduct might be exposed, so they did not reveal their names, but based on other information, their surnames were most likely Li and Pan. When Ms. Wang demanded her legal rights, these police officials rudely cut her off.

On January 13, 2006, the National Security Department released Wang Yin under "temporary parole with bond." She refused to sign her name, so they threatened to transfer her to the Public Security Police. Later her family members who were not practitioners signed for her and paid 2000 yuan in cash and gave a 3000-yuan IOU note. Due to severe persecution, Ms. Wang had difficulty walking. s

Responsible Agencies: Area Code 432

Jilin City National Security Department: 59 Songjiang Road, Jilin City, 132011
Phone: 86-432-3501131, 86-432-2503114
Yang Qi, deputy general director (in charge of foreign affairs): 86-13804420711, 86-4324665892 (Home). He is in charge of this case.
Mr. Qian, Security Section chief (he admitted that he had handled Falun Gong cases for four years): 86-13610754373 (Cell)
Zhang Lianguo, director: 86-13179240987 (Cell)
Wang Zhiqiang, section chief (led people to search Wang Yin's parents' house on July 17, 2005)
Jilin City Police Department: 51 Beijing Road, Jilin City, 132084
Liu Peizhu, general director: 86-432-2497117 (Office), 86-4322-586707 (Home)
Jiang Jichang, deputy general director: 86-4322451641 (Office), 86-432-2409601 (Home)
Han Weimin, deputy general director: 86-4322488017 (Office), 86-432-2054088 (Home)
Yue Zhongtian, deputy general director: 86-4322497666 (Office), 86-432-2036988 (Home)
Yu Wei, deputy general director: 86-432-2449668 (Office), 86-432-2576789 (Home)
Yu Zeli, deputy general director: 86-432-2459093 (Office), 86-432-2031599 (Home)
Ren Enze, director, office of politics: 86-432-2489778 (Office), (86-432-2409183 (Home)
Li Jishan, chief commander: 86-432-2409207 (Office), 86-432-2583833 (Home)
General Office: 86-432-2409445, 86-432-2409448

More on Jilin City National Security Department:

Yang Zhicai, general director: 86-432-2503201 (Office), 86-432-4661118 (Home)
Li Guangchen, deputy general director: 86-432-2503202 (Office), 86-4324-660118 (Home)
Leng Yue, deputy general director: 86-432-2503203 (Office), 86-432-4678996 (Home)
Zhou Shaoming, deputy general director: 86-432-2503204 (Office), 86-432-4689396 (Home)
Wu Yunhong, deputy general director: 86-432-2503205 (Office), 86-432-2421588 (Home)
Liu Guohua, deputy general director: 86-432-2503206 (Office), 86-432-4657120 (Home)
Huo Yufeng, deputy general director: 86-432-2503207 (Office), (86-432-2503433 (Home)
General Office, 86-432-2503455, 86-432-2503490

Jilin City People's Reception Office:

Fu Yumin, general director: 86-432-2049685 (Office), 86-432-4639799 (Home)
Liu Pisheng, deputy general director: 010-63033096 (Office), 86-432-4843805 (Home)
Zhu Guangli, deputy general director: 86-432-2058662 (Office), 86-432-4859227 (Home)
Zou Jianguo, deputy general director : 86-432-2026221 (Office), 86-432-4686196 (Home)
Tong Tieshi, deputy general director : 86-432-2026220 (Office), 86-432-4851377 (Home)
General Office, 86-432-2049647

Jilin City 610 Office:

Yang Zhongping, director: 86-432-2010606 (Office), 86-432-2064639 (Home)
He Yuxi, deputy director: 86-432-2010611 (Office), 86-432-2022509 (Home)
Li Zhimin, deputy director: 86-432-2010613 (Office), 86-432-4682378 (Home)
General Office, 86-432-2010607

Jilin Province Jilin Forest Police Department: Hongxing Building, Taoyuan Road, Jilin City, 132018
Fu Jian, deputy general director: 86-432-2432927 (Office), 86-432-4868599 (Home)
Zhou Lianchi, deputy general director: 86-432-2432925 (Office), 86-432-2449616 (Home)
Shao Yuwen, deputy general director: 86-432-2437169 (Office), 86-432-2059376 (Home)
General Office: 86-432-2432927, 86-432-2432926
Jilin City Intermediate Court: 5 Songjiang East Road, Jilin City, 132002
Li Xueming, chief judge: 86-432-2480750 (Office), 86-432-6186887 (Home)
Sun Baoshan, head of disciplinary committee: 86-432-2481161 (Office), 86-432-6916668 (Home)
(General Office) 86-432-2481076

Jilin Province People's Prosecution House, Jilin Forestry Branch House: Building 13, Jiefangdadao, Jilin City, 132041
Zhang Zhongjie, chief prosecutor: 86-432-2026372 (Office), 86-432-2037992 (Home)
Han Keshen, deputy chief prosecutor: 86-432-2055191 (Office), 86-432-4648652 (Home)
General Office: 86-432-2015899