(Clearwisdom.net) On October 3, 2005, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Jiang Guobo, who was destitute and homeless for more than three years, was followed and illegally arrested by Wang Xiaofeng and a few other secret agents from the Weifang City National Security Bureau. Mr. Jiang was detained at the Hanting Detention Center. He refused to cooperate with any of the officers' requests and used the method of a hunger strike to protest this persecution. He was cuffed onto a cross position for 20 days and nights,causing him to faint many times, and his weight plummeted to about 35 kilograms. By November 2005, his life was in great danger, but rather than release him, they sentenced him to three years of forced labor again. He was forced to return to the Weifang City Forced Labor Camp where he had been brutally persecuted four years earlier.

Mr. Jiang continued his hunger strike to protest the persecution. Xu Lihua, the manager of the forced labor camp, Zhu Anle, the chief of the administration section, and other officials incited prison doctor Zhang to force feed Mr. Jiang. They used the large size nose tube (as wide as a little finger) to feed him, which caused him to bleed every time. Moreover, they added drugs to the food to further persecute Mr. Jiang. They started to add unknown drugs to the food after he had been in the forced labor camp for a month. The drugs can damage the nervous system, paralyze the excretory system, and damage other human organs.

After a few months of brutal feeding and use of drugs, Mr. Jiang's body and mind were seriously injured. He experienced severe dizziness that lasted for long periods of time, causing him to faint. His heartbeat reached 110 to 120 beats per minute, and he usually woke up in the night because of urine retention.

On April 14, 2006, Mr. Jiang experienced symptoms of a very severe heart disease, and his life was in great danger. The authorities were afraid to take responsibility, so they sent him to the emergency room of the Weifang City People's Hospital. That same day, they released him on bail for medical treatment.

After Mr. Jiang went home, however, the persecution continued. The Weifang City 610 Office requested that the Weifang City Judicature Bureau and the Weifang City Notary Public Office (Jiang's employer) send personnel to be on duty in Mr. Jiang's dormitory reception room in shifts to keep him under surveillance. This kind of spiritual persecution, including surveillance and restriction of his personal freedom, has already lasted for two months and still continues.

Telephone numbers: (Weifang City area code: 536)

Cui Jianping, the Deputy Party Secretary of Weifang City Party Committee (he is in charge of the persecution to Falun Gong): 8789026 (Office)
Li Shouyu, the Party Secretary of the Weifang City Political and Legal Committee, the Deputy Mayor of Weifang City, and the Weifang City Party Committee member: 8789696 (Office), 8219669 (Home), 13356729399 (Cell)
Huang Weilian, the Chief of the Weifang City Police Department and the Deputy Mayor of Weifang City: 8789316, 13573689006 (Cell)
Wang Zhiliang, the Deputy Secretary of the Weifang City Party Committee and the Director of the Weifang City 610 Office: 13853610606 (Cell)
Guo Bukun, the Chief of the Weifang City Judicial Bureau and the First Political Commissar of the Weifang City Forced Labor Camp: 8789728 (Office)
Xu Lihua, the Director of the Weifang Forced Labor Camp: 6232011
Zhu Anle, the Chief of the Administration and Education Section in the Weifang City Forced Labor Camp: 6228347 (Home)

June 1, 2006