(Clearwisdom.net) More members of the European Parliament (MEP) have expressed concern over the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) harvesting organs from living Falun gong practitioners and selling the organs for profit. The MEPs have signed a condemnation statement. They wrote to European Friends of Falun Gong to express their concerns.

One MEP wrote, "Thank you for your letter of 4th June regarding an independent investigation into allegations of organ harvesting from prisoners in China. I share your concerns about reports of this appalling and barbaric practice. As you know the European Parliament has passed several resolutions condemning it and called for improvements in China’s human rights record. I am one of the more active MEPs pressing for change in this area and will be pleased to continue to raise the issue wherever I am able." He also said, "I have tabled Parliamentary questions with the Council and Commission. I will send you their replies in due course."

His questions submitted to the European Parliament are:

"Is the Council aware of allegations of a Chinese prison camp for Falun Gong practitioners at Su Jia Tun, Shenyang City, at which it is alleged that organs are removed from prisoners for sale?"

"Will the Council raise these allegations with the PRC authorities and report to the European Parliament on their findings?"

Another MEP also submitted the following Parliamentary questions to the European Parliament:

1."What knowledge does the Commission have that organs are extracted from prisoners in Chinese jails?"

2."What knowledge does the Commission have of the sale by the Chinese authorities of organ extracted from prisoners?"

3."What representations have the Commission made to the Chinese Government about ending the totally immoral and unacceptable practice of harvesting and selling organs from prisoners in Chinese prisons?"

Another MEP wrote "Thank you for your recent email concerning allegations of organ harvesting in China. These are obviously very serious allegations and the matter should be looked into.

I have written to the Chinese Ambassador to inquire about this issue and to ask what action the Chinese government is taking."