(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms.Yang Xingmei of Panlian Town, Miyi County in Sichuan Province was imprisoned and persecuted several times. In late 2000, she was illegally arrested and sent to a forced labor camp. Her 15-year-old daughter was left at home alone. Local police and government personnel repeatedly came to her home and threatened her. They didn't allow her to practice Falun Gong. The young girl was lonely, depressed and under huge pressure. She became addicted to drugs and died.

Yang Xingmei, 45, was a Falun Gong practitioner at the 4th Division, Diansuo Village, Panlian Town in Miyi County. In November 1999, when she went to Beijing for a peaceful appeal, she was arrested and imprisoned at the Panzhihua Government Office in Beijing. She was robbed by local police from Panzhihua and Miyi, and was illegally imprisoned for eight days in Miyi Detention Center. On the trip and while detained, she was beaten mercilessly many times by Yang Zihua and others from the Political Guard Division of Miyi Police Station. Later, she was arrested and taken to a brainwashing session in the town government for three days. Yang Xingmei was arrested the second time because she held an experience-sharing meeting. She was illegally imprisoned in the town of Panlian by village and town government officials, and she was brainwashed for four days. They punished her by forcing her to run and squat, didn't allow her to sleep, exposed her to the baking sun, and fined her 300 yuan.

When Yang Xingmei was imprisoned in Nanmusi Labor Camp, her 15 year-old daughter was left alone at home, with no one to care for her. The local police and government officials went to her home many times to harass and threaten the daughter. They forbade her from practicing Falun Gong. Under great pressure, she was forced to give up cultivation practice. Being unable to bear the loneliness, she became addicted to drugs and lost her life at such a young age.

On December 24, 2000, Li Xuesong and three other policemen arrested Yang Xingmei with the excuse that she was distributing truth-clarification materials. While she was detained at Miyi Detention Center, she was handcuffed, pushed against a wall and brutally beaten by police officers Liu Qichao, Lin Hai, Wu Xueming, Zhu Chenglong, Peng Yongchun, Hao Wanfa, Fu Wenhui, and others. She was sent to Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp, where she was tortured until she was released in late March 2002.

In December 1999, officials from the town of Panlian, Miyi County illegally arrested Falun Gong practitioners and forced them into brainwashing sessions. There they handcuffed and beat them with rubber clubs, and forced them to squat, along with other abuses. Dafa students were injured all over their bodies, and had difficulty walking. They were forced to clean streets for the village government of Panlian. The local officials forced each practitioner to pay 15 yuan per day (living expenses 5 yuan/day, beating-hands fee and management fee 10 yuan/day). Some practitioners had no money and were compelled to sign promissory notes. Then the evil went to their homes to demand the money.

From 1999 to 2003, Miyi Detention Center, with the Public Security Bureau, illegally arrested, brutally beat and tortured Falun Gong practitioners. They tortured practitioners to extract confessions. As a result, three Falun Gong practitioners - Ms. Que Fazhi, Ms. Gu Xinzhi and Ms. Yang Wenhui were persecuted to death. Dozens of practitioners, including Chen Zhengzhi, Huang Tiancai, Gong Zhihui, Que Faxiu, Zhu Zhaojie, Zhang Yuanlin, Wang Mei, Yang Shunfa, Fan Yuehai, and others, were so badly injured that they became disabled.