(Clearwisdom.net) In the summer of 2000, I was imprisoned and persecuted in a police station after going to Beijing to appeal for justice. When I went on a hunger strike, the police tied me up on a bed with my hands cuffed to a wooden board and my legs chained. As a result, I needed help from other people to do anything.

"I flew up from the ground as well"

In the entire room, only a middle aged man would help me. He was accused of kidnapping and human trafficking. The man was very honest and an ordinary person would perhaps think of him as useless and cowardly. He was very good to me and throughout the 10 days in which I was tied up on the bed, he carefully tended to me by helping me go to the toilet and also washed me with a damp towel. He told me that he did not think there was anything wrong with Falun Gong appealing to the government to speak the truth and that the Chinese Communist Party was behaving unlawfully.

This man came to me one morning and said, "I had a very weird dream last night. I dreamt that after I was released from jail several years in the future, there are many, many people practicing Falun Gong. I also saw you flying in the sky. You held out your hands to me, signaling me to go up as well. When I wanted to grab your hands, I flew up from the ground and joined you in the sky. We flew to a place far, far away." In this special moment of Fa-rectification, his compassionate acts towards a cultivator will probably bring him the benevolent reward of living in a celestial realm in the future.

"All the Dafa Disciples flew up into the sky"

In 2000, when I was being persecuted in a labor camp, I met a 50-year-old man from Guizhou Province. He was very practical and had a strong predestined relationship with Dafa. The first night he came to the labor camp, he dreamt that an old Daoist priest was asking him to learn the Dao from two people. On the second day, he did what the priest asked and found the two Dafa disciples "illegally imprisoned" in the labor camp who immediately shared with him many of Teacher’s teachings.

This man from Guizhou was then locked up in the same cell as I. He was a very compassionate person and could see a lot of things in his dreams. Once, he told me that he dreamt he went to an extraordinarily beautiful and magnificent city-like place. He arrived at the city gates and it was brilliantly majestic. He also saw a beautiful middle-aged women dressed in an ancient costume coming to receive him compassionately. A pair of Chinese couplets on either side of the gate read, "After a thousand years of separation from your mother, she is now here to fetch you back to the city."

Before I left the labor camp, he told me that, in another dream, he saw that all the labor camps had collapsed and a golden shiny palace appeared in the middle of the sky. All Dafa disciples started flying up into the sky and turned into splendidly shiny Buddhas before flying away.

"Angels came to take me to the heavens"

In 2001, another incident occurred in the "Big Team" where I was held. The guards suddenly began a search for copies of Teacher's articles. They only checked Dafa disciples, no one else. They checked their belongings and their clothes.

There was an ordinary person imprisoned in the same "Big Team" for having committed theft. After having met Dafa disciples in the same prison cell, he came to know that Dafa teaches people to be good based on the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance," and he began to have righteous thoughts towards Dafa. After hearing about the search for Teacher's articles, he came to us of his own accord to volunteer his help to hide and keep the books. In the end, the guards did not notice him and he returned all the books to us after the search. Unfortunately, a Re-education Leader saw him and reported him to the guards. That night, the guards called him to the office and demanded that he reveal where he got the books. Not wanting to bring harm to the practitioners, he said that he had picked the books up off of the floor and refused to reveal any Dafa disciples’ names. Even when the guards tortured him with electric batons till past 1 a.m., he endured the torture without revealing anything.

We were worried for him on that night, unsure of whether he would be able to take the torture. The next morning when we asked him how he was, he told us that he didn’t have any pain. Not only that, he had had a very strange dream the night before that he had gone to the heavens carried by angels.