(Clearwisdom.net) When I got Master's new article, "Eliminating the Evil," and studied it together with our group, I told myself: I will study it one hundred times, and recite it one hundred times. I will remember it in my heart forever. I will recite it for the practitioners who are being detained in the prisons and have difficulty getting the new articles, to encourage them to develop righteous thoughts as quickly as possible so as to get out of the evil den. I will recite it for the officials who give the evil orders to persecute, to help them turn around, stop their evildoings, and stop ruining themselves. I will recite it for the vicious police and special agents to warn them that if they persist in their evil deeds they will destroy themselves and have to repay such karmic debts that they would rather be dead than alive. I firmly believe that it will be mighty powerful.

Below I will share an incident whereby "righteous thoughts display divine power," which happened shortly after I was able to memorize the above article when I had studied it one hundred times.

That day, after I memorized the new article, "Eliminating the Evil," it suddenly occurred to me that I had to take care of some business in the city. The urge to go was so strong, I hopped on my bike and took off to the city even though my appointment was not until the afternoon. As I rode, I started also to recite the article. On the way, I came across a bunch of policemen attempting to abduct a female practitioner who was clarifying the truth. They were dragging her into the police car. I immediately realized that Master had arranged for me to help her.

I saw the practitioner being pushed into the car, I summoned all the might from my righteous thoughts and said "Ding," which stopped the police car dead; then I said to the practitioner in my heart, "Please get out right now, quickly!" I heard the driver say, "How come I cannot start the car." The practitioner took the opportunity and got out the car. The police tried to drag her back into the car, but they could not succeed.

I sent out another thought: Master, please help us, let the police have other accidents, make them leave now! I heard the lead officer's cell phone ringing. After answering the phone call, he and the other policemen got into the car, and the practitioner escaped, disappearing into the crowd.

When I shared my experience with other practitioners, all of them were encouraged, and started to memorize the Fa. I am not one of those whose celestial eyes are open.

However, when I recited the article "Eliminating the Evil" to the CCP members who were attending the conference in Beijing, I saw numerous Falun falling all over Beijing. Furthermore, when studying Fa, I saw all the words were golden and three-dimensional. When I was writing this experience sharing article, there was golden light shining from the words, clear as crystal, and dazzling.

Fellow practitioners, we have obtained such a wonderful, profound and extraordinary Dafa; if we don't memorize it, it would be really regretful. We would lose many precious things as we dawdle. I really hope that memorizing Dafa can become a part of our lives; and that we can save more sentient beings with the righteous thoughts so engendered.