(Clearwisdom.net) After using threats to prevent attorneys from defending Falun Gong practitioners Min Huirong and Sun Hong, the Justice Department of Qingdao City became even more malicious in undermining the law. It threatened the attorney for practitioner Mr. Cui Luning and attempted to coerce him into canceling his agreement to defend Mr. Cui at his second trial.

The Licang District Court of Qingdao City had sentenced Mr. Cui to five years at his first trial. His family members attempted to appeal on his behalf, but the court denied their petition. Mr. Cui's family then hired an attorney. The Justice Department of Qingdao City has openly interfered with the attorney's work.

From the very beginning, the justice department constantly pressured the attorney and demanded that he cancel his agreement to defend Mr. Cui.

On the basis of professional ethics, provisions in the law, and personal morality, the attorney refused to comply with this demand. An official from the justice department then called the attorney's law office and tried to intimidate him into withdrawing from the case. This official also told the attorney not to take any action on behalf of his client and to cancel the agreement altogether. In addition, the official told the attorney that he would not need to return the retainer fee and that the justice department would assume all responsibility.

However, this unscrupulous official was constantly fearful that his actions would be made public. Even as he threatened the attorney to try to make him withdraw from the agreement, he told the attorney not to tell his client that he was acting at the behest of the justice department. The official repeatedly emphasized that he, himself, was under pressure from "higher authorities." Of course, these "higher authorities" were the officials of the 610 Office of Qingdao City and higher level government organizations.