(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Sun Suzhen from Tieling City was persecuted to death in Liaoning Province Women's Prison on March 25, 2005.

Sun Suzhen, 55, lived in the Yingzhou District, Tieling City, Liaoning Province. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment in 2003 and sent to the Liaoning Provincial Woman's Prison. Her husband, Han Kai, became homeless and his whereabouts are not known.

During her years in prison, nobody ever visited Ms. Sun or sent her any money. The jail guards didn't allow anyone to help her out, and for toilet paper she was reduced to using used tissue.

Owing to the long-term persecution, Ms. Sun's health sharply deteriorated, and she couldn't complete the overloaded work quota assigned by the prison authorities. Guard Qian Lei frequently tried to force her to finish the quota by using electric baton shocks or by making her squat down. Criminal inmates Wang Min and Zhang Suhua also beat her. Under intense physical and psychological pressure, Ms. Sun Suzhen passed away on March 25, 2005.

Below is a brief report of the persecution that Ms. Sun's family has experienced.

Ms. Sun Suzheng, according to the report by Clearwisdom on June 4, 2003, went to Beijing numerous times to appeal for Falun Gong and was consequently detained many times. In May 2000, she went to Beijing again and was detained for 30 days after being arrested. She was then sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for one year of forced labor without a trial. After her release in 2001, she and her husband went to Changchun to take care of her father-in-law. She was still suspected of having something to do with truth clarification flyers and banners, so the police followed her to Changchun City. They followed her from the hospital, broke into the house, beat her until she lost consciousness, and then put her into a police car. She was still unconscious when the car arrived in Tieling City four hours later.

The police could not find any so-called "evidence" after they ransacked and searched her home so they had to release Ms. Sun. Later the police went to her home and harassed her. Ms. Sun refused to open the door for them, so the police broke down the door and illegally arrested her in front of many local residents. Ms. Sun had very strong righteous thoughts and the police had no cause or evidence to arrest her, so they had no choice but to release her again.

In order to protect her legal rights according to the law, Ms. Sun went to the Provincial Police Bureau to file complaints against the illegal acts committed by the local police. Police officer Sun Lizhong and others found out about it and arrested her while she was shopping. Sun Suzheng was taken to a detention center. After being detained for approximately eight months with out the benefit of a trial, she was sentenced to a five-year term in the Dabei Prison.

Ms. Sun had severe heart disease before she started practicing Falun Gong. After arriving at the prison, she showed symptoms of the disease. The authorities refused to accept her twice because she did not pass the physical exam. Even then officer Sun Lizhong would not release her on medical parole. Eventually they forced the prison to accept her.

Ms. Sun's husband, Mr. Han Kai, is 52 years old. On July 20, 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He was arrested in September. After being detained for 15 days, he was sentenced to one year in a forced labor camp. He did not have any visitation rights during his imprisonment. He was released on October 2000. In spring 2001, police found truth-clarifying flyers and banners in the area. They suspected that Mr. Han was involved and tried to arrest him. Mr. Han learned ahead of time of the police's plan and was able to escape. His whereabouts are unknown. The police issued a warrant for his arrest, and they confiscated his car with an estimated value of 70,000 yuan. Sun Lizhong, head of the Political Security Office, Yang Dongsheng, clerk, and others use the car as transportation to continue the persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners.