I am a Dafa practitioner in Yimeng Mountain Area. Teacher said: "I'll look after you provided you cultivate." ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore") I write about some of the miraculous things that occurred as I helped Teacher rectify the Fa on my cultivation path over the last few years, and my deep experience of Teacher's above words.

One night at the end of the year before last, I prepared to go to a market to distribute truth-clarification materials. My non-practitioner wife said to me: "Tomorrow, we should not go to the market. I feel there is something happening there." I knew this was the evil using my wife's words to interfere with what I wanted to do next day. But, at the same time, my human mindset came out: Should I go to the market tomorrow or not tomorrow? There are a lot of people waiting for truth-clarification and being saved. Can it be true that there is danger? So I asked Teacher in my heart. In a short while, I slept and had a dream. The character "success" awakened me. I was very happy in my heart. Teacher gave me a hint that it would be successful. At 4 in the morning, I got up. I went to two villages and in almost two hours I safely distributed all the truth-clarification materials and then I went to the market.

At one time, I was alone and pasting up truth-clarification materials. A police car was moving towards me. It was too late for me to leave. However, there were a lot of Dafa materials in my bags. I at once sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher for help, and as a result the police did not see me and drove away. After a while, he drove back, however, by this time, I had left with righteous thoughts under Teacher's merciful help.

In 2000, when I went to Beijing to validate Dafa, I was illegally detained for several months. The authorities confiscated my family's property and harassed them again and again. I did not clarify the truth deeply to my family, and the fear for my wife and my daughter's safety gave me huge pressure, and hindered my truth-clarification. However, no matter how difficult things get, I must deny the old forces' arrangement and firmly travel the cultivation path Teacher arranged.

In 2001 and 2002, truth-clarification materials were in very short supply. I saw that the truth-clarification phrases fellow practitioners wrote out by hand were very good, so I tried to write some too. Although I did not write well, I thought: "It doesn't matter how good or bad my handwriting is. The key is that it is very good so long as I hold the wish of saving people." After I wrote several times, the results were very good.

At the end of 2001, my mother had serious illness. My brothers and I took care of her in turn. On the first day of Chinese New Year, it was my turn to take care of my mother. I thought this was a good opportunity for me to post truth-clarification materials. The police had all gone home to celebrate the New Year. I wanted to post materials around the whole village. I sent forth righteous thoughts at 9 p.m. and told my mother to take a rest. I went outside. Because I had the attachment of doing things, I posted truth clarification phrases on two telephone poles in my village. At that time, there were a lot of people walking around. I thought I should go to the road to write first. It would be safe for me to come back after a while when all people slept.

After I got to the road, I planned to post messages on telephone poles. As I proceeded I heard a "jingle" from an iron gate nearby. At that time, there was no wind. I had a look and I didn't see anyone. I thought Teacher was giving me a warning that it was dangerous here. But I did not want to leave. Soon, there was a motorcycle coming in the distance. The light was coming closer. At this time, I finished posting messages on three telephone poles and just arrived in front of the fourth. The motorcycle light illuminated me. I ran into a wheat field about sixty meters away and fell down. The motorcycle came to the fourth telephone pole and saw the unfinished truth-clarification message and then shone the light in all directions seven to eight times. I thought that he could not see me, but he did not leave. The light found me. He placed a call on his cell-phone and chased after me on his motorcycle. I got up and ran. I ran and sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Teacher for help. I did not have any fear in my heart. He chased after me for over 300 meters, but didn't catch me. Was this normal? I knew Teacher was protecting me. The motorcycle's light illuminated my back. It seemed to catch me. The man on the motorcycle was screaming: "Where are you going to run to?" At that moment I felt a hand grasping me and I fell down into a small ditch. I couldn't get up again. The man on the motorcycle looked for me but couldn't find me. At this time, I made an effort to get up, but I couldn't move. The man still shone the light back and forth, but he did not find me. I knew Teacher had protected me again.

Motorcycles then passed by me on the road one after another. I had to crawl over the road. I thought: I cannot go to other places, so I first went to the mountain in the east. I walked to the eastern mountain. When I turned back, I saw the light was bright and the evil people continuously shouted and rode across a couple of miles around "Wanma Lake." My tears flowed down. I said in my heart: "Teacher, if it was not for your merciful protection, this disciple could not cultivate."

It was very dark. I did not feel pain when the thorns pricked my hands and feet. My new shoes were all scuffed up. I did not have any plan and my human mindset came out: I feared the evil would search me out in the village if I went back. I also feared my relatives would call my own family if I went to their home. I thought that I would be destitute and homeless. But if they did not go to my house to search, wouldn't it be unnecessary? I considered this for a while. I had to ask Teacher, so I knelt down three times and asked Teacher to tell me what I should do. I walked for a while, but I still did not have righteous thoughts. I continuously knelt down three times again and asked Teacher to help and I completely followed Teacher's arrangement. At this time, I had a strong thought in my heart: "I should go home."

I avoided "Wanma Lake", crossed four mountains, passed through several villages, and returned home. When I entered the room, my mother was sleeping very well. Only then did the heavy stone in my heart lift. My tears could not stop flowing down. It was 2 a.m. Lying down on the bed, my tears damped the pillow the whole night. I am still tearful when I recollect.

I do the three things, but I have many insufficiencies. Sometimes, I slack off sending forth righteous thoughts. Sometimes, I still cannot control my temper. However, under Teacher's merciful protection, I realize that on the cultivation path, as long as our thoughts are righteous and we do what Teacher says, with a firm belief in Teacher and Falun Dafa, there are no mountains we cannot pass.